Zomato delivery girl riding Yamaha R15 goes viral: Internet users want her to be fined for not wearing helmet

Social media has become a very important part of our lives now. Lately, we are seeing a trend among youngsters where they use cars and bikes to get more views online. Some of them use these vehicles to pull off stunts on public roads, while others create different types of content. In the past, we have seen YouTubers and vloggers surprising people with their expensive cars and bikes. Here, we have one such video where a girl is seen riding a Yamaha R15 bike in public. What makes this video different is that she is actually dressed up as a delivery partner for an online food delivery app.

The video has been uploaded by Indore Reelgram official on their Instagram page. In this video, we see a girl riding a Yamaha R15 motorcycle while wearing a jersey with Zomato branding. This is not the first time we have come across a video like this. We have seen similar videos from other parts of the country as well. However, this is the first time that we are seeing a girl do the same. The exact location of the video is pinned as Indore Vijay Nagar.

The girl is seen riding the bike through the busy roads near a residential area. She was also carrying the bag that these delivery partners use to transport food without spillage or damage. The girl soon joined the main road, and people started noticing her. Some of them even asked her about it. We can see a boy on a scooter right behind her. He was too curious to know what was happening exactly.

Girl dressed as delivery partner riding bike

It doesn’t look like the girl in this video actually works for Zomato. She probably did this to gain some attention online. It is very evident in the video that her aim was to ensure that people see her face in the video. She was not wearing a riding helmet, which is extremely dangerous. She may have done this for the video, but she was still riding the bike on public roads. We already know that Indian roads are getting riskier to drive or ride on day after day. If she really wanted a video of her riding the bike without a helmet, she could have opted for a controlled environment like a closed road or private property.

Zomato’s CEO Deepinder Goyal has come forward confirming that Zomato has nothing to do with this. He wrote, “Hey! We had absolutely nothing to do with this. We don’t endorse helmet-less biking. Also, we don’t have a “Indore Marketing Head”. This seems to be someone just “free-riding” on our brand. Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with women delivering food – we have hundreds of women who deliver food everyday to earn a livelihood for their families, and we are proud of their work ethic.”

The girl was actually doing this for likes and fame on the social media platform. Many of the users have also pointed out the same. One of them even asked the cops to issue a challan for riding the bike without a helmet. Riding a bike without a helmet is extremely dangerous, and we have seen several examples that prove the same. We do not recommend riding a bike or two-wheeler without proper riding gear. A riding helmet, in case of an accident, would protect you from head injuries. We are not sure whether the local traffic police have come across the same video and have taken any action against her.

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