Zachary Quinto Ups the Cozy Quotient in Two Affordable Fall Staples

Sweatshirt, sweatpants, slip-on shoes: a potential for infinite variation. Some, like Justin Bieber, have made the sweats-fit a full-time gig, opting for ginormous pants, torso-swallowing tops, and everyman sneakers. For most of us, though, it’s optimal laziness. When piecing together a look isn’t in the cards, you fall into the loving, terry-lined arms of the sweats-fit to make the brisk Sunday morning stroll for coffee and pastries. As inspiration, allow us to present actor Zachary Quinto taking his pup on a walk in Manhattan in a wildly affordable hoodie and maybe the chillest slip-on shoes ever made.

The sweats-fit: Man’s true best friend.Ignat/Bauer-Griffin

Quinto’s $50-ish navy Carhartt logo hoodie, worn in incognito mode, is both chromatically and spiritually aligned with how you should be thinking about your sweats. Sturdy, roomy, blessed with a kangaroo pocket: it’s a hoodie you’ll wear again (and again, and again), and a flawless sweats-fit anchor. It’s also extremely available on Amazon in more than a dozen colors, including construction worker orange. Do Sunday-you a favor: order it now and have it on deck.


Loose Fit Midweight Sweatshirt

What do Quinto, aspiring “creative director” types, and the fellas caulking your roof have in common? You’re looking at it.

Down below, Zachary Quinto’s tapered gray sweats represent the platonic idea of loungewear (and, uh, fall horniness), but it’s where they lead that has us breaking out our laser pointers: the Birkenstock Bostons, a.k.a. the mule of the moment. They’ve been so popular, Birkenstock launched a recent IPO on their non-existent backs. Bostons are the definition of casual, especially in the Whoville-approved shearling-lined version Quinto’s wearing—with the suede adding a nice autumnal vibe. Point is, if you’re looking to take your sweats-fit to the next level, then Bostons—particularly the coziest of them all—are no-brainers.

Separately, the hoodie and Birks will get plenty of shine in other fits. United, they make a look that tells the world you remain comfy and unbothered. Sunglasses and dogs absolutely not optional.

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