Youtuber TTF Vasan Arrested For ‘Reckless Driving While Talking On Phone’ [Video]

TTF Vasan is an Indian YouTuber who likes to stay in the news for one reason or another. The YouTuber has now been arrested by Madurai police for reckless driving. As per the reports, Madurai police have booked the YouTuber under six sections. The action is taken against the YouTuber on the basis of a video posted on social media. In the video, the YouTuber was seen driving recklessly and also speaking on the phone while driving.

After the Hayabusa crash incident, the court suspended TTF Vasan’s driving license for a year. As per some media reports, the YouTuber recently made an announcement on social media about his comeback and has been posting videos since then. This time around, the YouTuber has been posting videos mostly from a car and not bikes.

Armed-Reserve Police Sub-Inspector and Madurai district social media monitoring cell officer Manibharathi came across a video of the YouTuber in which he was driving a car recklessly. The officer filed a complaint in this case with the Anna Nagar police in Madurai. As per the complaint, TTF Vasan was seen driving his car recklessly near Vandiyur toll plaza at around 7:15 am on May 15, 2024. He was said to be driving from Chennai to Thoothukudi via Madurai.

Not only did he drive the car in a reckless manner, but he also spoke to someone on the phone while driving the car. Both these acts by the YouTuber are extremely dangerous as he was putting his own life and the lives of other innocent road users at risk. Following the complaint, Madurai police took action. They got in touch with the YouTuber and summoned him for questioning. He was later placed under arrest.

This is not the first time TTF Vasan has managed to get into trouble. Last week, Ambattur traffic police issued a notice to a bike accessories shop supposedly run by Vasan on Ambattur – Ayapakkam road to ensure that the visitors to his shop do not park their vehicles on the road obstructing the movement of vehicles on the road.

The officers said that the complainants had petitioned the Prime Minister’s cell about the footpath encroachment along Ambattur lake and illegal parking around the Ambattur-Ayapakkam road area. The police clarified that the notice will not affect the sales at the accessories shop.

TTF Vasan speaking on phone while driving

Last year, the young 23-year-old popular YouTuber was involved in a horrific crash while performing a wheelie on a public road. The rider-turned-YouTuber and bike race racer was apprehended by the police authorities for rash driving on public roads. He was attempting to do a wheelie on a Suzuki Hayabusa when he lost control and completely destroyed it.

He was doing this stunt on the National Highway near Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu. In this accident, the YouTuber was also injured and his license got suspended for a year. Doing stunts, driving recklessly, and speaking on the phone while driving are all serious issues.

It is very easy to get distracted in such situations and end up in a crash. A small mistake made by the vlogger could lead to a serious crash. Every day, hundreds of accident cases are reported, and in most cases, careless driving is the reason.

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