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Youth Stands On Moving Maruti Swift’s Roof: Video Goes Viral

People doing stunts on public roads with cars have become a common sight. They often see such activities as an opportunity to increase their reach and followers on social media. However, in most cases, these young and budding social media influencers land in trouble with the police. Here, we have one such video where a young man is seen getting out of the driver’s seat of a moving Swift hatchback and standing on the roof of the car.

The video has been shared by Siya on their X profile. The exact location where this video was recorded is not known. However, it is clear from the video that it is a public road or highway. The video was recorded at night, and we see the driver’s side door open while the car is in motion. The driver then casually stands up from the driver’s seat, holding the door frame.

He then climbs up on the roof of the car, completely leaving the steering wheel and controls. After sitting on the roof, he stands up and starts posing for the video. It is quite clear from the video that he was performing this stunt for the sake of publicity on social media. The video is only 22 seconds long, and for this duration, the steering wheel of the car was unattended.

It is possible that there was someone else in the co-driver’s seat who was ensuring that the car did not move out of the lane. It is extremely dangerous, and we do not recommend this stunt to anyone. Controlling a vehicle from the co-driver’s seat is extremely dangerous as it is easier to lose control of the vehicle.

Standing on the roof of a moving car is also an extremely dangerous act. If the person had lost his grip while trying to climb up on the roof, he would have fallen on the road and seriously injured himself. Similarly, if he loses his balance while standing on the roof, there is no way he could stop himself from falling onto the road.

Youth stands on roof of moving Swift
Youth stands on roof of moving Swift

The video has gone viral on the internet, and over 1 million people have viewed it already. Most comments under this video condemn this act by the driver. We came across comments like, “Even the number of the car is visible. @PoliceRajasthan Plz make sure his license is canceled so that he does not endanger others’ lives. Such people are a threat to other road users,” “Bro knows how to write essay,” and so on.

Even Mumbai Traffic Police came across this post and tagged Jhalawar police and Rajasthan police to take action against the offender. It looks like Mumbai Traffic Police tagged Jhalawar police because the Swift seen here is registered there. Although the road or highway was empty, that is still no excuse for him to perform this dangerous stunt on a public road.

The young Swift driver was definitely endangering his own life along with the lives of other innocent road users. We hope the local police manage to track the offender in time and take appropriate action.

In the past UP Police has taken action against several influencers who have created inconvenience to other road users by doing such dangerous stunts. They were also issued hefty fines to ensure that they do not repeat this mistake.

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