Youth rides on the bonnet of a moving Maruti Swift: Cops issue Rs 26,000 fine [Video]

Lately, we have been witnessing a trend among youngsters in which they engage in performing stunts for the sake of publicity on social media. While the majority of these stunts are harmless to others, there are a few individuals who employ cars and bikes for such stunts on public roads. This behavior is entirely unacceptable as it poses problems for other road users. Occasionally, these stunts do not unfold as planned, resulting in accidents. Law enforcement keeps a vigilant eye on social media to identify such offenses and issue fines accordingly. Here, we present a video from Noida, Uttar Pradesh, depicting a person riding on the bonnet or front windshield of a moving car.

The video has been shared on Twitter by Nitin Parashar. The recording took place somewhere in Noida. A Delhi-registered Maruti Swift can be observed on the road with an individual seated on the front windshield. The car was being driven recklessly, and the person was desperately holding onto the car door. This tight grip was essential, as otherwise, the individual would have fallen onto the road. The footage was captured by a person driving behind the car. The car’s driver was recklessly navigating through busy Noida roads, frequently changing lanes and overtaking other vehicles in a rash manner.

Furthermore, we are left wondering how the driver manages to maintain a clear view of the road ahead with a person obstructing the windshield. The person’s presence undeniably obstructs the driver’s line of sight, yet they persist in driving in this dangerous manner. The car’s presence on the road not only caused a disturbance but also posed a hazard to other road users. The video swiftly went viral, gaining widespread attention. The exact reason behind the individuals’ decision to engage in this stunt remains unclear. We cannot confirm whether they were doing it solely for the purpose of creating a video for social media.

Stunt on Maruti Swift

Numerous potential hazards were associated with performing this stunt. The person perched on the front windshield lacks a secure grip, needing to stretch their arms to clutch onto the doors. Eventually, their grip could weaken, leading to a fall from the car. If the driver fails to react promptly, the individual might tumble in front of the moving vehicle, risking severe injury. Even if they fall onto the road, injuries are likely. There’s also a risk of being struck by another vehicle on the road. Additionally, the driver of the car might collide with other vehicles or pedestrians due to the obstructed view of the road ahead.

Both the car and the person posed inconveniences for other road users, prompting the traffic police to take action against them. Following the video’s viral spread, law enforcement identified a minimum of 7 violations, including tinted windows and changing lanes without proper signaling, resulting in fines being issued. The car’s owner received an e-challan of Rs 26,000. As emphasized in our previous articles, public roads are meant for the use of everyone and are not an appropriate venue for performing such stunts.

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