Young Plant Growers on Trends in Plug and Liner Sizes

Greenhouse Grower recently conducted a survey of young plant growers in which we asked about topics ranging from plug and liner production to the biggest challenges they are facing. You can find an overview of the survey results here.

One of the questions we asked in this year’s survey was about trends in plug and liner sizes, and if certain sizes were rising or falling in demand. Here’s a closer look at a few of the responses.

  • “72C for both plugs and perennial liners is becoming more popular, especially when growers are looking to get in a last turn of the spring season for quick crops like zinnia or Wave petunias.”
  • “72 cell tray size increasing.”
  • “No major shifts, people tend to go back and forth depending on how their year went. Sometimes they will go for a lower density item, and then next year switch to a higher density item.”
  • “288 plug size has become more dominant in the past, and the 288 and 512 plug size were close to the same percent.”
  • “Our standard sizes still are 72 and 128 cell trays based on customer feedback on sizes.”
  • “There has been a steady decline in demand for 512 plugs. 288’s have grown quite a bit as well as 162 and 105 trays.”
  • “We have stayed pretty consistent.”
  • “Doesn’t seem to be affecting us. However, due to freight costs, smaller inputs are more desirable.”

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