You can now order your own ‘foldable’ home from Amazon

If you’ve been looking for an affordable home, the good news is that Amazon can now deliver a foldable option to your door for just $53,100.

According to, the portable, prefabricated tiny home is built in the US by Zolyndo and shipped directly from Amazon.

The 35sq m homes have an expandable steel frame and thermal insulation and can be configured to fit two bedrooms, one living room, a bathroom and a kitchen.

If price is an issue, there are even cheaper options, including a 4m-by-6m structure with a bathroom for $19,999 (AU$30,300), while a 4.5m-by-6.2m will cost you $22,999 (AUS34,900).

Source: Amazon

Currently, the homes listed on Amazon Australia, are sold out, given how popular they are in the US.

According to the product page, the homes have drywall anchors and holes for screws for installation and the process of unfolding them is “simple.”

Foldable Home 2
Source: Amazon

Recently, one of the foldable homes was unboxed on TikTok, with the video receiving more than 237,000 views.

“I bought a house on Amazon,” the clip said as a number of men open a large Amazon package with the house inside.

“There’s a whole bathroom,” one user said.

The video also showed that electrical outlets don’t come included.

Another commentator said that the “house was so easy to build, you literally just unfold it”.

Foldable Home
Unboxing a foldable house – Source: TikTok/@unspeakk

However, others were more sceptical.

“That house will close on me like a deck of cards,” a commenter said.

“But how well would it do in different weather and how is insulation?” another said.

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