Yamaha R15 riders stone car in Bengaluru road rage incident: Arrested after dashcam footage goes viral

Two men in Bengaluru have been arrested after they intercepted a couple’s car, impeding their progress, throwing stones at their vehicle, and issuing threats of dire consequences.

Dashboard footage of the incident captures the two individuals, riding a Yamaha YZF-R15, obstructing the car’s path, pelting it with stones. Despite the couple managing to move forward, the bikers catch up to them in traffic, halting them once again. When the car’s occupants refuse to engage and continue on their way, the motorcyclists overtake them and halt them for a third time.

The police have identified the bikers as Murali and Raghu and have taken them into custody. Both individuals reside in Nallurahalli near Whitefield in Siddapura. Murali is employed as a ballboy at a private tennis turf, while Raghu works as an electrician.

This incident occurred during daylight hours. After evading the situation twice, the bikers became agitated and made an attempt to forcibly remove the couple from their car during the third stoppage. They also endeavored to shatter the car window through repeated strikes.

Upon the gathering of bystanders, the two culprits fled the scene. The couple posted the video online, leading to its swift viral spread. The police came across the video and promptly apprehended the wrongdoers. Law enforcement officials have encouraged the installation of dashboard cameras in vehicles to enhance safety and deter such incidents.

Install dashboard cameras

Dashboard cameras offer a versatile solution for recording incidents such as accidents and criminal activities that transpire on public roads. The recorded footage plays a pivotal role as vital evidence, simplifying the process of initiating insurance claims. Moreover, advanced dashboard cameras are equipped with motion-detection technology, enabling them to capture any attempts of tampering with the vehicle.

Opting to invest in a dashboard camera stands as a commendable measure to enhance road safety and curtail the potential escalation of hazardous situations.

Historically, dashboard cameras have proven instrumental in documenting accidents and uncovering various fraudulent schemes. Instances include scenarios where individuals deliberately throw themselves in front of vehicles to subsequently extort money from drivers.

Do not engage in road rage

Road rage is an unpredictable phenomenon that can escalate rapidly. Maintaining a composed demeanor while driving is paramount, especially on the bustling roads of India. Here are some guidelines to avoid road rage incidents:

Driving or riding should be a calming experience. Strive to remain relaxed. Engage the music and air conditioner to create a soothing atmosphere, take deep breaths, and adopt a laid-back approach. Endeavor to cultivate a positive mood while on the road.

Adhere to speed limits, signal appropriately when changing lanes, utilize your rearview mirrors, and allow ample room for the mistakes or aggressive actions of others.

In essence, prioritize politeness. When navigating a roundabout, yield to vehicles approaching from the right as they have the right of way. Decelerate to let them pass. If a car slightly ahead of you indicates an intention to merge into your lane, ease your pace and accommodate its entry instead of closing the gap.

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