Woman driving car questions cop for riding bike without helmet: Netizens ask her to wear seat belt [Video]

Cops issuing fines for reckless riding/driving or even traffic offenses is quite common these days. We have seen many cases where cops monitor social media to keep an eye on such offenses. As there are surveillance cameras installed in most cities, challans and fines are now issued online. However, that has not stopped people from violating rules, including cops. Here we have a video that has been circulating on social media lately, where a cop is questioned by a woman driving a car for not wearing a riding helmet.

The video has been shared by “Ghar Ke Kalesh” on X (formerly Twitter) on their profile. The exact location where this happened is not mentioned in the video; however, looking at the registration number of the bike, it appears to be somewhere in Madhya Pradesh. Coming to the video, it was recorded by a person who was sitting in the co-passenger seat of the car. A woman is seen driving the car, and she drives the car too close to the bike ridden by a cop.

The cop was not wearing a riding helmet, and the driver starts questioning it. The cop was initially confused as he had no idea what was happening. The woman then continuously asked about the helmet, and the cop started ignoring it. All this was happening while the car was stopped in the middle of the road. We can actually hear other road users behind the car honking continuously. Everything looked fine in the video, and initially, it looked like the cop was violating a rule, and the citizen simply pointed it out.

Cops without helmet & driver without seat belt

However, when the camera was showing the face of the driver, we could see that even she was driving the car without wearing a seat belt. The video was initially posted on a social media platform to show how cops are violating traffic rules. However, it looks like her attempt to do that simply backfired. Under this video, the woman also receives criticism for not wearing a seat belt.

One of the users commented, “Maidam ki seat belt kaha hai ?? upar se chalti gaadi mein mobile ka prayog …. dandniya apradh hai.” Another user wrote, “Arey didi pehle khud to Seat belt pehno. Hypocrisy ki bhi seema hoti hai.” While there are some who are appreciating the woman for pointing out the cop’s fault, most of them are blaming the woman for not wearing a seat belt. In fact, people completely overlooked the fact that the cop was not wearing a helmet. Most of them were after the woman who decided to post the video online while not wearing a seat belt.

People often post such videos of cops online out of frustration. Both cops and civilians are equal in front of the law, and they must follow them. Before pointing out the faults in others, the car driver should have ensured that she is following every rule. She could have simply taken a picture of the bike and shared it with the department online. Some of them even commented under the video that the driver was actually trying to create a viral video for social media fame.

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