Woman driver takes Maruti Jimny off-road & talks about how capable the 4X4 SUV really is [Video]

The Maruti Jimny has been one of the most awaited models from the Indian manufacturer for a very long time. It is currently a popular SUV among 4×4 enthusiasts. Ever since the launch, we have come across several videos related to the ownership experience, off-roading, and even modifications. None of these videos was from the perspective of a woman driver. Here we have a video in which a woman driver not only drives the Jimny inside city limits but also takes it off-road to see how capable the SUV actually is.

The video has been uploaded by Bunny Punia on his YouTube channel. Bunny is accompanied by his wife, Mansi, in this video. The whole video is about how comfortable Jimny is for a woman driver. Mansi starts by talking about the exterior look and dimensions. It looks compact, which makes it quite easy to drive inside city limits. The large windows and windscreen help her get a clear view of the road and the traffic around. She also mentions a couple of negative things about the Jimny, like the driver’s seat is not height-adjustable, the door pockets are too narrow, and there are no cupholders.

While driving the car, Mansi felt that the Jimny had enough grunt, and the engine felt peppy when compared to new Maruti cars. That is because the Jimny continues to use the older K15B series engine, which is known for its better low end. The gear shifts are not too smooth, and the long gear lever also feels out of place. However, the infotainment screen is appreciated. Both the front and rear row seats offer ample amounts of space. After driving the car in the city, Mansi took the car to an adventure zone where she could drive the car off-road.

Woman driver about Jimny

Bunny’s wife engaged the 4×4 and drove over the obstacles with ease. The ground clearance, good approach and departure angles, along with the lightweight body, helped the car clear all obstacles. It should be noted that Jimny did all this while using tires that are suitable for road use. If it gets an AT or any off-road spec tire, the performance will only improve. In the video, we can also hear Bunny speak about the fuel efficiency of the Jimny 5-door. Inside the city, the car had managed to return around 13-14 kmpl as per the display.

The suspension travel and articulation were all helping the SUV cross all the obstacles, and Bunny’s wife could be seen having fun with the vehicle. The track was prepared for off-road, and the Jimny performed pretty well. At the end, Mansi came with a wide smile on her face. This was the second time she had driven an SUV off-road. The first time, it was a Maruti Gypsy at the same spot where the Jimny was being driven in this video.

The Maruti Jimny definitely misses out on a lot of features, as per Mansi, like rear AC vents, cupholders, and so on; however, all these things can be overlooked just because Jimny offers a new experience to people. Jimny is a style statement and also offers a comfortable ride in the city.

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