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Why Communication Between Young Plant Growers and Offshore Producers Is Critical

This past month, Greenhouse Grower conducted a survey of young plant growers in which we asked topics ranging from plug and liner production to the biggest challenges they are facing. Watch for insights and highlights from the survey coming up in our October 2023 issue.

One of the questions we also asked in this year’s survey was “How are you working with breeders/offshore producers to improve communication and troubleshoot problems? How can these suppliers improve to reduce pest/disease issues and provide better communication with you?”

Here are just a few of the responses we received:

  • “We maintain good communication both through items we source through our broker reps as well as with those we purchase directly. We stop buying from those suppliers that are less reliable or have poor communication. When issues arise, notification is valued and acted upon.”
  • “Work closer with technical support for suppliers to tell of product quality arriving at my door.”
  • “We have direct communication with the growers and managers at most of our stock farm suppliers. This makes a big difference. Where that is missing – where there are too many layers – miscommunication tends to happen.”
  • “WhatsApp and weekly, in season meetings. Communication of what they are doing to control pests and disease is a big help.”
  • “Direct communication weekly with the farms we source from. Better controls on products would be beneficial.”
  • “Good communication is always essential. Most of the large breeders understand the importance of good communication and keep in touch via email or calls.”

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