What Will Winter 2023-2024 Bring? Here’s What To Expect

Winter 2023-2024 forecast graphic from Farmers Almanac

Here is how the Farmers’ Almanac is mapping out its extended winter 2023-2024 forecast.

We’re in the midst of not only one of the hottest summers ever, but also likely the warmest year in the last century. Extreme temperatures are and have been climbing to new heights around the globe. In fact, July 2023 just went down as the hottest month on record. Naturally, many folks are looking ahead to cooler days. According to the Farmers’ Almanac extended weather forecast for winter 2023-2024, those days are not too far off. Following a wonky and warmer-than-usual winter last year, the long-running publication (since 1818) is predicting the return of traditional weather for winter 2023-2024.

Here are a few takeaways from the extended winter 2023-2024 forecast.

East Coast Snow?

People living along the I-95 corridor from Washington to Boston, who saw a lack of wintry precipitation last winter, should experience quite the opposite, with lots of rain/sleet and snowstorms to contend with.

Stormy in the Lone Star State

According to Farmers’ Almanac 2024, Texans should prepare for an unseasonably cold and stormy winter season ahead.

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Florida Frosts?

Winter will be wet in the Southeast region. However, a few frosts are in the forecast for the Sunshine State.

White and Wet West

An unusually snowy and wet winter is predicted for the Pacific Northwest. If El Niño continues to intensify, the Farmers’ Almanac believes another wet and white winter will keep California and the Southwest drought-free.

Farmers’ Almanac Forecast Formula

“The Farmers’ Almanac uses a proprietary formula that considers a variety of factors including sunspot activity and tidal action of the Moon. However, atmospheric phenomena such as El Niño also affect our predictions,” says Sandi Duncan, Managing Editor. “The fade out of La Niña is one of the reasons we believe winter last year turned out warmer than normal.”

The outlook for winter 2023-2024 includes the recognition of a strengthening El Niño, which should result in more moisture and storms in the southern areas of the country.

Visit FarmersAlmanac.com for more details about the extended winter forecast for 2023-2024.

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