Wedding Photoshoot In Moving Car With Bride Hanging Out Of Sunroof: Caught On Video

Over the last few years, one luxury feature that has become very common in Indian cars is an electric sunroof. A lot of manufacturers are now offering this feature in their cars, and it is helping them attract new buyers. However, on the flip side, this luxury feature, which has been designed to bring in more sunlight and fresh air, is being used by people to peek out. This is not a very safe thing to do, but despite knowing the consequences, people are regularly seen coming out of sunroofs. Recently, a video showing a bride coming out of a sunroof of a Hyundai Verna has been shared online.

Bride out of sunroof for wedding shoot

The video of this bride standing out of the sunroof of a Hyundai Verna sedan for her wedding shoot has been shared on YouTube by Explore The Unseen 2.0 on their channel. In this vlog, the presenter was seen leaving from Jaipur, Rajasthan, to reach his home in Gurgaon, Haryana. During his travel on the highway, he saw a fleet of four Hyundai Verna sedans. It can be noted that three of these cars were decorated with flowers and colorful ribbons, and out of one of the cars’ sunroofs, the groom was seen standing out.

It can also be noted that a photographer and another person were standing out of the sunroof of a black Verna in front. Additionally, other people were seen standing out of another white Verna from the convoy. The vlogger mentions that at first glance, he thought that these people were sitting on the roof of a moving car. But upon closer inspection, it was noted that they were standing out of their sunroofs, which is an equally unsafe thing to do on a national highway or any public road in general.

Why do people do this?

woman out of sunroof of verna

Most people in India do not see the sunroof as a luxury feature meant only to bring more sunlight into the cabin. They see it as a way to come out and get fresh air themselves. However, this is an extremely unsafe endeavor to take on, as if anything were to happen, the person standing out of the sunroof is in the most vulnerable position. This is why we advise everyone to use this luxury feature as intended and not risk their lives just for pictures that get shared on social media for validation.

Not the first incident

Kids out of sunroofs

This is not the first time that people have been caught doing this stupid stunt online. Just a few days ago, we shared a video in which a number of school kids during their farewell drive were seen standing out of sunroofs of their vehicle. The video was shared on Reddit, in which a convoy of what appeared to be some kids from a South Delhi school were hanging out of sunroofs and windows. The first car in this convoy was a Red Kia Seltos, and a few kids were sitting with their bodies out of the windows. Then there was a white Honda Accord, and two kids were seen out of the sunroof of this sedan. There was also a Ford Ecosport and a Mahindra XUV700, as well as others.

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