Video of the Week: A Showcase of Greenhouse Lighting Technology

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The Greenhouse Lighting and Systems Engineering (GLASE) consortium is a public-private institution working at the leading edge of LED systems engineering, plant photobiology and physiology, and greenhouse environmental controls (learn more here). In a recent webinar, GLASE principal investigators showcase a selection of the research, projects, and programs of GLASE.

Timothy Shelford from Rutgers University compares and contrasts the spectral output and performance of different types of horticultural lighting fixtures from different manufacturers with a focus on efficacy and the new ePAR range. Elsebeth Kolmos from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute discusses the role of blue spectral quality in the growth and development of lettuce and tomato under sole source lighting. Neil Mattson from Cornell University discusses how the light intensity of many commercial LEDs can be adjusted in real-time, presenting results from Cornell trials testing a dimmable LED lighting control strategy for greenhouse lettuce, strawberry, and tomato crops.

Watch the entire presentation below.

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