Video of Bengaluru woman working on laptop while riding pillion on Royal Enfield GT650 goes viral

The working culture in many corporations is often labeled as toxic for several reasons. We have come across cases where people are asked to complete tasks with completely impractical deadlines. This has affected the lives of people in many ways, and they are often seen working at the office, after the office, and even on their way to the office. Here, we have a video that has surfaced online, where a woman is seen working on a laptop while riding pillion on a bike in Bengaluru. The video has already gone viral on the internet.

The video was recorded by a person who was traveling on the same road as the biker. In this video, we see a person riding a Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 on a busy road in Bengaluru city. The woman who is the pillion on the bike is actually not wearing a helmet. She is seen looking into the laptop that is placed between the rider and her lap. There is clearly not enough space for the laptop, but the woman is managing things.

She is not at all aware of her surroundings and is just busy finishing her work. The video was originally posted on Reddit, and it soon got several views, and many people commented on it as well. Most of those who commented on the video did not look surprised; they were actually worried about the woman’s safety. The woman rider was not paying attention to her surroundings and was also not wearing a helmet. The rider, however, was wearing a proper helmet. Many found this video funny; however, it shows how work conditions are changing for people.

Woman using laptop on moving bike

This is not the first time we have come across a video like this from Bengaluru. A few months ago, a female IT professional was seen working from the pillion seat of a bike taxi. Similarly, a person was seen working from the pillion seat of a Honda Aviator in Bengaluru last year. In this video, it is not clear whether the couple was traveling to the office or not. There have been cases where people who get stuck in infamous Bengaluru traffic jams have started attending meetings from their cars and even peel vegetables in the car to prepare dinner when they reach home.

Coming to this video, riding a bike without a helmet is extremely dangerous. If the rider were to apply brakes for some reason, the chances of the woman falling on the road were pretty high. She was not looking at the surroundings at all, and if she falls on the road, the chances of her getting injured are pretty high. A helmet, in most cases, saves the rider or pillion from head injuries. The video is actually showing the dark side of people’s lives in many metro cities. One Reddit user commented under the video, “Are they attempting suicide? Because that will get them killed.” While some users were furious about this, there were others who took things very lightheartedly. One of them said, “When work and a date go hand in hand.” The other said, “Wait, isn’t it normal to ride and use a laptop?… I mean, that’s multitasking.”

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