VidaWool Forms Distribution Agreement with Hawthorne Gardening Company

VidaWool has entered into a distribution agreement with Hawthorne Gardening Company, a vertically integrated direct seller, that opens the door for VidaWool growing media to be sold through the Hawthorne Gardening Company’s retailer network.

Manufactured in North America, VidaWool mineral wool growing media is engineered to support consistent, predictable, and repeatable harvests. VidaWool plugs, blocks, and slabs are designed to optimize nutrient distribution throughout the plant and are rooted in more than a half-century of mineral wool and rock wool research. Collaborating with research partners and growers, VidaWool continues to pursue innovations that support growers’ crops and businesses. The distribution agreement with Hawthorne Gardening Company makes VidaWool more accessible in communities across North America.

The expanded retail network also reflects the horticulture market’s robust response to VidaWool since it was introduced in 2021. Jeff Buckmaster, general manager of North America mineral wool at Owens Corning, says that the agreement builds on a valued network of VidaWool distributors who share a commitment to supporting growers’ crops and businesses.

“Hawthorne Gardening company is recognized and respected by growers across the U.S. as a go-to expert for high-performing horticulture advice, products, and services and we’re excited to welcome them to the VidaWool community,” Buckmaster says. “We look forward to working with the Hawthorne team to integrate VidaWool into the solutions and strategies it offers to help growers cultivate with confidence.”

“Hawthorne is thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Vidawool, a collaboration that significantly enriches our distinguished portfolio of brands and partners,” said Tom Crabtree, Chief Operation Officer at Hawthorne Gardening Co. “This exciting addition enhances our ability to serve our vibrant community of retailers and cultivators, reinforcing our commitment to delivering exceptional value and innovation to the industry.”

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Decades of research have demonstrated that the versatility of mineral wool is well suited to deliver a wide range of performance attributes in horticultural applications. As growers are increasingly interested in the environmental footprint of their crops, the commitment to meet their needs continues. Every product in the VidaWool growing media portfolio contains 70% recycled content.

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