Utah Neighborhood Transforms Into Barbieland For Halloween

A neighborhood in Utah is going all out for Halloween this year, but instead of taking the typical spooky, haunted house route that is standard for this time of year, one community is going pink! The residential community of Daybreak in South Jordan, Utah, has transformed into Barbieland this Halloween season.

In honor of the critically-acclaimed and wildly popular 2023 film, Barbie, the neighborhood went all out for the Halloween season, turning each home into a themed Barbie house with pink decorations, cardboard cutouts of the film’s characters and coordinated Barbie signs on each home’s white picket fence.

TikTok user Liz T.G. (@paseo_forever) showcased the pink neighborhood in a now-viral TikTok while a popular song from the film, “Pink” by Lizzo, plays in the background. The video pans to house after house, decorated to the nines with pink paper, pink furniture, disco balls, and neon signs — with some spooky stuff added in there, too.

Seriously, Disco Barbie’s house has a neon sign that quotes the infamous line, “Do you think about dying?”

Pool Party Barbie’s house features pool inflatables, a pretend waterslide, and skeletons in blonde wigs to really bring the Halloween/Barbie combination to life.

One house in Daybreak took on the daunting task of turning into Ken’s Mojo Dojo Casa — featuring a cowboy bar, an inflatable motorcycle, and a giant horse. Next door, you’ll find the Barbie Graveyard which features the pink tombstone of Ruth Handler, Barbie’s creator, as well as markers for Sugar Daddy Ken, and, of course, the patriarchy.

One of the best and most creative details shows each family’s name on the Barbie sign instead of the name of toy company that manufactured the Barbie doll. Brilliant!

At night, each house is up-lit with pink lighting along with the neighborhood’s trees and bushes.

“My cute neighbors working together to get the night vibe right,” the OP wrote in text-overlay in another video shared to her TikTok page.

After the initial video went viral, gaining over 1.2 million views, TikTok users could not get enough of the bright and bubbly neighborhood and needed to see more.

“Ok but where is Weird Barbie’s house????” one user wrote.

In a follow-up video, Liz teases Weird Barbie’s house in a short clip that features some colorful gates and lights.

“Oh I cannot wait to see this!” one user wrote.

Another video featuring the neighborhood shows a “Hi Barbie!” house with cardboard cutouts of the cast, including John Cena as Mermaid Barbie, representing the infamous scene where all the Barbies say hello to each other.

Once Daybreak’s Barbieland went viral, TikTok users couldn’t get enough of the pink world.

“Be prepared for every Halloween moving forward because the neighborhood is going to want to see what you come up with!!” one user wrote.

Popular TikTok content creator Elyse Meyers chimed in and wrote, “This would be the one house I wouldn’t be afraid to walk by on my nightly neighborhood walks 😂.”

“Hi Elyse!! We love you! You can come walk by our house anytime 🥰.” the OP replied.

One user commented, asking for how the neighborhood got together and coordinated such a huge project.

They wrote, “I gotta know the back story on this…who came up with this idea?? Is the whole block friends? Do y’all always theme decorate together? This is incredible!”

“A few of us saw the Barbie movie together. We joked we should all be Barbie and our neighbors daughter said our houses should be Barbie too 🤷🏼‍♀️,” the OP replied, noting in another comment that several of the neighbors are all friends and decided to do a group theme this year for Halloween.

So glad that Barbie Summer is seeping into Spooky Season.

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