Uniqlo and Engineered Garments Are Back to Play the Hits

When Uniqlo and Engineered Garments joined forces for the first time in 2019, menswear fans ransacked the Japanese retailer’s inventory like Swifties let loose on Ticketmaster. Engineered Garments, the New York-based brand founded by Daiki Suzuki, isn’t quite a household name, but for fellas who can’t get enough of its off-kilter Americana, its collaborations are must-shop events.

In the last few months alone, Suzuki has brought his penchant for gently-freaked classics to an enviable roster of insider-y partners—the pedigreed French cobblers at Paraboot, the fashion obsessives at Colorado boutique Canoe Club—and today, he’s doubling down on the premise his first collection with Uniqlo hinted at: Engineered Garments for everyone.


Engineered Garments Short Blouson

The duo’s latest mild-meld comprises just three jackets, each squarely of a piece with the hallmarks of Suzuki’s design ethos—a symbiosis he ascribes to a “mutual understanding” steeped in respect for each party’s area of expertise. The utilitarian-leaning flourishes and military-inspired silhouettes are pure Engineered Garments, but, Suzuki tells GQ over email, it was Uniqlo’s “impressive development capability” and large-scale production capacity that helped lower prices across the board.


Engineered Garments Hooded Coat

That’s great news for your closet, and good news for Suzuki’s team, too: by keeping pricing democratic, his counterparts at Uniqlo are introducing Engineered Garments to “a broader market of customers that we might not have reached otherwise,” the designer says.

That meant excising some of the freakier details the brand is famous for—you won’t find a kaleidoscopic mohair poncho in the mix here—but to hear Suzuki tell it, the opportunity to imagine a trio of new styles unique to the collaboration was reward enough. Snag yours while you still can or risk waiting another four years until the band goes on tour again.

Shop the full Uniqlo and Engineered Garments collaboration here.


Engineered Garments Utility Jacket

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