Two Women Hilariously Roast Harrison Butker In Viral "I'm A Chiefs Fan" Skit

By now, you’ve undoubtedly seen the cringe-worthy commencement speech that Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker delivered to the recent grads of Benedictine College. We’ve all seen it. We’ve seethed over it. Now, we get to laugh our asses off as Butker gets absolutely roasted by the internet. And by the internet, I currently mean the two genius women behind a now-viral TikTok video parodying the kicker’s hypocritical comments.

The “I’m a…” meme has already been a viral sensation, with people capitalizing on it to share funny and frustrating characteristics of their positions at work or in the family. The newest twist comes from a set of funny AF females ready to turn Butker’s expectations of women on their heads. Clad in aprons and long dresses while donning forced smiles, the women put on their best performance of what Butker seems to expect from women.

“We’re Chiefs fans,” starts Ellen Taylor (@horseblood6) as she stands in an apron, stirring an empty bowl. “Or at least I think we are. We can’t see the TV from the kitchen.”

“We’re Chiefs fans,” announces her friend, Laurel (@just.laurel), sitting down gingerly in a kitchen chair on a frozen bag of peas. “Of course all my sons are Irish twins.”

From there, Laurel and Ellen spiral into brilliant chaos.

They’re Chiefs fans; of course they bring appetizers to the table despite not knowing how to double recipes and being terrified of using math to figure it out.

Of course they’re homophobic and denying their own pasts and desires. They prayed it away.

Of course they wait for permission to speak.

Of course they’ve had lobotomies.

They went to college, but of course their lives didn’t begin until they got married.

They’re Chiefs fans; of course they can cook, they say, as the camera pans to a plate with “Help Me” scrawled in ketchup.

Naturally, commenters got in on the fun, too. “I’m divorced, so my life is over. Maybe someday I’ll be able to be a Chiefs fan again,” said Lydia.

“I wish I could be a Chiefs fan, but I’m unmarried and don’t have kids,” added JW.

Joked Janey, “Your husband lets you have a friend over? Lucky! Mine says friends lead to reading, and reading leads to freedom.”

The skit has racked up millions of views, becoming so popular that Ellen and Laurel even did a part two. The caption of their first video? “Our husbands go to work so that we can be Chiefs fans.” The caption of the second? “Our husbands gave us permission to make another one!”

F*cking brilliant.

Clearly, a lot of people feel very strongly about Butker’s tone-deaf implication to a group of hardworking grads — at a college with a makeup that is 51.5% female — that none of their accomplishments could ever mean as much to them as being a wife or having kids.

This, of course, strips away a woman’s choice to do whatever-the-f*ck she wants and minimizes her to nothing more than a vessel for babies. It perpetuates the played-out misogyny of the patriarchy. This kind of logic is why women choose the bear. Or why they’re often happier when they get divorced.

Women do not exist entirely for the enjoyment of men — we are whole, smart, useful, complex human beings. And although Butker’s ignorant comments did reach some of the backward thinkers he probably assumed he was speaking to that day at Benedictine, they also brought out some of the wittiest women of the internet (who were appalled by his audacity).

While his views are pretty terrifying, this skit injects a little humor into a situation that is otherwise just… gross.

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