TVS dealer offers Rs 41,000 exchange value for a 27-year old Suzuki Samurai originally bought for Rs. 21,000 [Video]

The TVS Suzuki Samurai is a name that might evoke memories for some of those reading this article. It was an extremely popular bike from the two-stroke era, much like the RX100, and was particularly favored among youngsters. Even today, there are many well-maintained Yamaha RX100 motorcycles available, but finding a TVS Suzuki Samurai in good condition is a challenging task. They have become very rare these days, and many of those who owned one have either sold it or allowed it to rust away due to neglect. Here, we have a video featuring a well-maintained Suzuki Samurai. It was in such good condition that the dealership exchanged it for almost double the price the customer originally paid.

The video has been shared by Mr. Motor Vault on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger speaks with a representative of a TVS dealership in Kerala. The customer of this motorcycle had actually purchased the bike from the same dealer approximately 27 years ago when it was still a TVS Suzuki dealership. After acquiring the motorcycle, the customer ensured that all service and maintenance work on it was performed exclusively at the authorized service center. The dealership representative mentions that the customer has not used a bike from any other brand throughout all these years. He had developed a strong relationship with the brand, and the service center consistently provided him and other customers with a great service experience.

Suzuki Samurai at dealership

The dealership staff can be heard saying that they recently acquired this motorcycle from the customer through an exchange. However, the video does not mention which bike the customer chose after parting with his trusted old two-stroke motorcycle. In the video, the dealership staff states that they offered an exchange value of Rs 41,000. The original on-road price of this motorcycle when the customer purchased it 27 years ago was Rs 21,000. This is quite remarkable because the customer used the motorcycle for all these years and still received more than the original price he paid for the bike. In fact he got almost double the original price of the motorcycle. Such incidents are rarely encountered. The video mentions that one of the reasons they paid such a high value was due to the motorcycle’s excellent maintenance.

All services and maintenance for the motorcycle were consistently performed at this dealership, and they were well aware of its condition. Another reason why we believe the motorcycle received such a good exchange value is probably because motorcycles like these are considered rare, and in a state like Kerala, there are enough enthusiasts willing to pay for a well-maintained motorcycle. The dealership can either sell it to another customer in search of a clean Suzuki Samurai or use it as a display vehicle to showcase the quality of the service they offer to customers. The TVS Suzuki Samurai was introduced back in 1994 and came equipped with a 98.2cc, two-stroke engine that produced 7.5 bhp of maximum power and 9.8 Nm of peak torque.

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