Truck drives into a water reservoir as Google maps shows wrong route: Driver, cleaner swim out

Google Maps can easily be named as one of the important pieces of technology of the modern era. People who are new to a place can easily reach their destination with just a few clicks on their smartphones. However, it has to be noted that despite its leaps and bounds in mapping technology, Google Maps can still sometimes be wrong. It could take you to some random place which you might not want to go. Recently, a similar thing happened with a truck driver and his assistant/helper when, in the middle of the night, they found themselves in the middle of a reservoir and had to swim their way out, all because they followed the route that Google Maps showed them.

This incident has been reported from the state of Telangana, where a truck driver by the name of Shiva and his assistant/helper, Mondaiah, both hailing from Tamil Nadu, got misled into a reservoir in the middle of the night. What happened was the truck driver and his helper were on their way to Husnabad, a town in Telangana. For this, they started using Google Maps as both did not know the local roads of the area. After this, at around 2 AM, both of them realized that instead of driving on a road, they had driven into a water reservoir where their truck’s engine stopped working. After realizing this, they immediately jumped off into the water and swam out of it.

Now, this happened because of the construction of the Gouravelly reservoir. This new reservoir was a part of the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme (KLIS). This construction had submerged the old road to Husnabad via Gudatipally and Gouravelly.

Following this, the authorities created a new route to redirect traffic around the newly created water reservoir. Unfortunately, Google Maps mistakenly directed the truck driver and his assistant/helper onto the old, underwater road. It was also reported that there had been heavy rains in the area recently, making it hard to distinguish the submerged road from rainwater in the darkness.

The report further stated that the Gouravelly reservoir was nearly filled to its maximum capacity of 8.23 TMCft, holding around 2 TMCft of water. After the truck entered this reservoir, as mentioned earlier, their truck’s engine stopped working, and they understood this problem quickly. Following this, they jumped out of their truck and swam their way out of the reservoir.

The next day, they reached out to the residents of Gouravelly village for assistance. With the help of the local community, they successfully brought out their truck from the water using a JCB machine, as their vehicle had encountered technical issues. Subsequently, they transported the truck to a nearby garage for necessary repairs.

Not the first incident

Truck drives into a water reservoir as Google maps shows wrong route: Driver, cleaner swim out

Now, an incident like this might not seem normal to anyone; however, they happen more often than you may think. Just last month, a family of four members witnessed a miraculous escape when their car accidentally fell into a canal near Parachal, close to Kottayam in the Southern state of Kerala. The car was being driven by Dr. Soniya, who had her three-month-old daughter, her mother Sosamma, and a relative named Anish with her. This scary incident occurred around 10:30 PM on a Thursday night as they were returning from Ernakulam to Kumbanad, following directions from Google Maps.

Fortunately, local residents saw the car drifting in the canal and quickly sprang into action. They organized a 300-meter-long rope and managed to rescue everyone inside the car before it could completely submerge in the water. Despite the car drifting about 300 meters in the canal and the front part of the vehicle being underwater, the heroic locals worked tirelessly to prevent any harm. Eventually, the family members of the victims arrived at the scene and took them to safety.

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