Truck driver blocks Mahindra XUV700 coming from wrong side: Forces SUV driver to go back [Video]

Traffic jams are quite common in almost everywhere in India. With the festive season arriving, many people have planned a small vacation and often drive to nearby tourist destinations like hill stations. This often leads to traffic jams and congestion in such places. There have been many incidents where roads to such hill stations are choked with vehicles. There is always one person in such a situation who tries to act overly smart by overtaking vehicles from the wrong lane. This doesn’t always end well. Here, we have a video where a truck driver blocks one such XUV700 driver on the wrong side of the road and forces him to drive all the way to the end of the line in reverse.

The video has been uploaded by the Malayali Club on their YouTube channel. The video was recorded by a truck driver or his helper who was coming downhill on a narrow road. The exact location where this happened is not mentioned in the video. In the video, we can clearly see cars waiting on the other side of the road to go uphill. It is quite common to get caught in congestion in such places, as most mountain roads in our country are narrow, and people don’t always follow rules on such roads.

That is probably what happened here too. The truck was coming down when they saw an XUV700 coming from the opposite direction. The XUV700 driver, instead of waiting patiently on his side of the road, decided to cut the line and overtake the vehicles to reach the top faster. This was actually a wrong decision as he soon came face to face with the truck. The XUV700 driver had no choice but to drive the SUV back in reverse. The road was so narrow that he could not even turn the car around.

XUV700 on wrong side of road

He drives the car in reverse for a few meters. The driver then attempts to drive the SUV into a gap; however, the truck driver did not let him do that and asked him to drive back. The video ends here. We hope the XUV700 driver learned his lesson in this case. The XUV700 driver was actually the reason for the traffic jam on the road. There have been cases where wrong-side driving has caused accidents. In this case, the XUV700 is actually blocking the way of other road users and is creating inconvenience for others. The police should actually take action against such drivers.

This video is once again a good example that shows why one has to remain calm while driving on mountain roads. Mountain roads, unlike plains, are different. You don’t often get a clear view of what is ahead. Overtakes on such roads are risky too. It is quite possible that the XUV700 driver did not see the truck coming at first. It is not even clear whether the occupants did this due to some emergency or not. By doing this, the XUV700 driver wasted his own time as well as the time of others who were stuck in the jam. The truck driver had the right of way and was completely right in this incident. We are not sure if any car driver gave any gap to the XUV700 driver to squeeze the SUV in or if he simply drove all the way to the back of the line.

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