Truck drags Hyundai Eon for 2 km without stopping: Couple and their children miraculously survive [Video]

In a horrifying accident on the Agra-Gwalior highway, a truck driver dragged a Hyundai Eon for over 2 km. The incident occurred during broad daylight and was captured on a CCTV camera. Four people were travelling in the car, including a couple and their two children.

According to reports, a truck rear-ended the Hyundai Eon and did not stop after the collision. The truck driver continued driving while passersby attempted to stop the truck and even threw stones at it to get the driver’s attention.

Local police formed a barricade on the highway to slow down the truck and finally bring it to a complete stop. The family of four – Amar Bhushan Jain (42), his wife Yogita (38), and their two children aged 13 and 8 – were from Noida Sector 27. They were on their way to Dholpur, Rajasthan, to celebrate Rakshabandhan on Thursday.

The accident caused injuries to the couple, and the wife is currently in the ICU undergoing treatment for head injuries. Amar, who was driving the car, stated that the trucker hit their vehicle from behind, and when locals tried to slow down the truck, the driver increased speed and continued driving.

CCTV footage captured the incident, leading the family to file a complaint against the truck driver at the Saiyan Police Station on Friday. The accused truck driver was subsequently arrested.

Piyoosh Kant Rai, ACP, stated, “The CCTV footage shows how the truck driver deliberately endangered the lives of the family in the car. He has been booked under IPC sections 307 (attempt to murder) and 427 (mischief causing damage).” SI Amar Rana added, “The driver was intoxicated. He attempted to flee and stopped only when we were about to open fire. We rushed to the damaged car and rescued the four passengers. A woman was critically injured and taken to the hospital. The container truck has been seized.”

The truck driver could only be stopped after the barricade slowed him down, causing a traffic jam.

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