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“This is not even me pandering, but the Open Door video was such a huge part of my confidence in being able to start Tsu Lange Yor,” Troye Sivan tells AD, referring to the fan-favorite tour of his home that we published in 2021. “Interiors are obviously something that I’ve always loved in a really personal way for myself, but sharing it with you guys and seeing the reaction, I realized maybe other people like the same things that I like. It definitely was kind of the final push to do this.”

The Australian musician and actor announced Tsu Lange Yor, the lifestyle brand he founded with his brother Steele Mellet on Instagram on August 15. The collection of scented candles, eau de parfum, hand-cast oil burners, and a dreidel, which means “to long years” in Yiddish, sold out in two days. It looks like his intuition was right.

Sivan and Mellet developed the brand together over 18 months, choosing to build it from the ground up rather than “white labeling,” or allowing another company to create the products and simply slapping a label with his name on it at the end. “This has been the steepest learning curve of my life,” he says, but he’s excited by that fact, not exhausted. “It was really just so exciting to be completely new at something and be learning again. Making music never gets old to me, but at the same time I’m really just addicted to the creative process in all forms and to collaboration in all forms, and to learning and to trying new things.”

The oil burner is available in recycled aluminum or recycled brass (pictured above).

Photo: Lauren Bamford; Styling: Sarah Pritchard

When working with designer David Flack of Flack Studios on his Melbourne home, Sivan’s main note was that the space should feel elevated and special, but it “couldn’t for a second feel pretentious.” The Tsu Lange Yor collection is certainly an extension of that spirit, particularly the oil burners and dreidels which will develop a patina as they’re used. “These are definitely luxury products, and they’re something that should feel like a treat for people, but at the same time they’re not fussy,” Sivan states.

“I would like to think that what people [responded to when seeing my home] is that there’s beautiful design and beautiful objects and beautiful furniture and beautiful art, but still, the second anyone walks into my house, I hope that they know and can feel that they can kick off their shoes, lie down on the couch,” he continues. “If they kick the coffee table, it’s fine. There’s nothing that is too fragile in the house.” The authenticity that comes through the TLY collection is no doubt a product of Sivan’s thoughtful consideration of his own home and how its thoughtful design has served his wellbeing.

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