Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari Reveals Details About The First Vehicle He Owned

Nitin Gadkari, India’s “Highway Man” renowned for his infrastructure initiatives, recently surprised many with a glimpse into his past. Not luxurious cars, but a humble two-wheeler – the Kinetic Luna – held the spotlight at the launch of its electric reincarnation. “My first vehicle, a treasured gift from my mother,” Gadkari reminisced, “the Luna holds a special place in my heart.”

Launched in 1972, the 50cc Luna became synonymous with freedom and mobility for many Indians, especially in the late 90s. Its affordability and practicality made it a beloved choice for young adults and families. For Gadkari, the Luna was more than just transportation; it was a symbol of aspiration and the beginning of his journey with personal vehicles.

While details of Gadkari’s current car collection remain discreet, glimpses through public appearances and media reports reveal an evolving taste. True to his advocacy for green mobility, his garage reportedly houses futuristic automobiles like the Hyundai Ioniq 5 electric SUV and the Toyota Mirai, a hydrogen-powered FCEV. These choices represent his commitment to cleaner alternatives.

nitin gadkari hyundai ioniq 5 featured

However, despite the allure of modern marvels, Gadkari’s fondness for the Luna endures. His personal connection to this simple moped highlights the emotional value attached to one’s first vehicle. The Luna symbolizes a bygone era, representing personal aspirations and the freedom associated with owning a personal means of transport.

Gadkari’s journey from the Luna to luxury electric cars reflects not only his personal evolution but also India’s changing automotive landscape. While nostalgia lingers for iconic vehicles like the Luna, the future of mobility lies in sustainability and innovation. Gadkari’s dual perspective, cherishing the past while embracing the future, positions him as a key figure in shaping India’s transportation infrastructure and promoting cleaner mobility solutions.


Beyond his personal choices, Gadkari’s initiatives have actively driven India’s shift towards sustainable mobility. Under his leadership, the Road Transport and Highways Ministry has incentivized electric vehicle adoption through policies like FAME-II and prioritized building charging infrastructure across the country. Additionally, his focus on improving public transportation systems like subways and buses aims to create a more inclusive and environmentally friendly mobility ecosystem.

Nitin Gadkari with Innova HyCross Hybrid
Nitin Gadkari with Innova HyCross Hybrid

As India gears up for a cleaner and more efficient future, Gadkari’s story serves as a reminder of the journey undertaken – from the simple beginnings of the Luna to the cutting edge technology of electric vehicles. His personal and professional pursuits highlight the crucial role he plays in shaping India’s evolving transportation landscape, ensuring it embraces not just innovation but also a sustainable future for its citizens and environment.

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