Toyota’s Electric SUV For India: Launch Timeline Revealed, To Be Based On Maruti eVX

Japanese automaker, Toyota has revealed the timeline for its first electric SUV offering in the country. The production version of the Urban SUV concept, unveiled late last year, is expected to arrive in Indian showrooms by September-October 2025.

The Urban SUV will be a close sibling to the Maruti Suzuki eVX, slated for launch in March 2025. Both vehicles will utilize the same 27PL skateboard platform, a dedicated EV architecture that will be produced locally at Suzuki’s Gujarat facility, catering to both domestic and export markets. This platform optimization reflects an industry trend towards platform sharing to enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness, particularly in the nascent stages of EV development.

Expected Features and Specifications

Toyota has confirmed that the Urban SUV will share similar dimensions to the eVX, measuring approximately 4,300mm long, 1,820mm wide, and 1,620mm tall. Both vehicles are also expected to boast a spacious and comfortable interior, leveraging the inherent flexibility of the skateboard platform.

Toyota Urban EV SUV side

While specifics regarding the Urban SUV’s interior remain under wraps, industry experts anticipate significant commonality and parts sharing with the eVX. This approach allows for efficient development and production processes, potentially translating to competitive pricing for consumers.

Powertrain Options and Range

The Urban SUV will likely mirror the eVX in offering two battery pack options. A larger 60kWh unit is expected to provide a range of around 550 kilometers, while an entry-level variant with a smaller 48kWh battery might offer a range of roughly 400 kilometers. This caters to varied consumer needs and preferences, with the larger battery catering to those prioritizing extended range, while the smaller battery may appeal to individuals seeking a more cost-effective option.

Furthermore, Toyota has hinted at offering both front-wheel drive (FWD) and dual-motor all-wheel drive (AWD) configurations for the Urban SUV in select markets. AWD capability could offer an edge in terms of handling and traction, particularly in challenging terrain conditions.

Toyota Urban SUV EV concept rear left top

The launch of Toyota’s first electric SUV in India will intensify competition in the rapidly growing EV segment. The Urban SUV will face stiff competition from established players like the Hyundai Creta EV (expected to launch this year) and the upcoming Tata Curvv EV, alongside its close sibling, the Maruti eVX. This competitive landscape is expected to benefit consumers by driving innovation, improved features, and potentially more affordable pricing options.

However, the success of EVs in India hinges not only on the vehicles themselves but also on the development of a robust and comprehensive charging infrastructure. The Indian government has outlined ambitious plans to expand the country’s EV charging network, with a focus on establishing charging stations at strategic locations along highways and within urban areas. Additionally, various private companies are actively investing in building charging infrastructure, suggesting a positive outlook for the future of EVs in India.

2023 Toyota Urban EV SUV rear

The arrival of Toyota’s Urban SUV, alongside other upcoming EV offerings, paves the way for a more diverse and competitive electric vehicle landscape in India. With continuous advancements in technology, increasing consumer interest, and ongoing infrastructure development, the future of electric mobility in India appears promising.

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