Toyota Rumion 7-seater MPV: G and V variants compare on video

In its attempt to increase the number of products in its portfolio and lure in more budget buyers, Toyota recently launched the Rumion MPV. This MPV is yet another badge-engineered model that has emerged out of the collaboration between Toyota Kirloskar Motor and Maruti Suzuki India Limited. The Ertiga-based 7-seater MPV, Rumion, is offered in 3 main variants, namely the S, G, and V. Recently, a video comparing the mid-spec G and top-end V variants has been shared online.

This video of the comparison of the Toyota Rumion middle and top variants has been shared on YouTube, and it comes courtesy of The Car Show on their channel. It starts off with the introduction of the Toyota Rumion, where the presenter mentions that this new 7-seater Ertiga-based MPV comes in three variants, as mentioned above. Next up, he informs us about the pricing of the vehicle.

Toyota is offering the Rumion base S variant with a price of Rs 10.29 lakh, the G variant at Rs 11.45 lakh, and lastly, the V variant at Rs 12.18 lakh. Following this, he mentions that the company offers the Rumion with an automatic transmission option in the base S variant and the top-spec V variant. He adds that the G variant only comes equipped with a manual transmission option. Interestingly, the S AT variant is priced higher than the mid-spec G variant at Rs 11.89 lakh. The company also offers the Rumion with a CNG variant called the S CNG at Rs 11.24 lakh.

After the pricing, the presenter starts with the difference between the two variants. He states that on the exterior, both cars look identical. On the front, both cars get the same gloss black grille with chrome accents. They also get the same projector headlamps that feature halogen lighting. The fog lamps as well are halogen. Next up, he mentions that the side profile also looks exactly the same. They get the same 15-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels and chrome door handle garnishes. The rear end of both cars looks the same as well, except for the difference of a reverse camera.

Toyota Rumion 7-seater MPV: G and V variants compare on video

Following the exterior differences, which are pretty much non-existent, he moves to the interior differences of the two variants. He starts off by stating that in the interior as well, both cars look exactly the same, including the seats, upholstery, color, and materials. Next up, he adds that the only differences in the features are auto headlamps, reverse parking camera, and cruise control. Rest, they both get the same 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with wireless Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

Toyota Rumion 7-seater MPV: G and V variants compare on video

The presenter then concludes the video by stating his own preferences between the two models. He stated that if he were to choose between the two models, he would go with the G variant as it gets all the same features as the V variant except for a few non-essential ones. He added that the Rs 73,000 ex-showroom price difference is not worth it, according to him. Most of these features can be added to the vehicle from the aftermarket shops.

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