Toyota launches new 48V hybrid system: 2024 Fortuner will get it

The Japanese automotive giant Toyota is known for producing some of the most reliable cars in the world. The company is also known for its innovations, and recently, the company announced the launch of a new 48V hybrid system for its turbo diesel-engined cars. This all-new 48V mild hybrid system will be first offered in the Toyota Hilux pickup and Land Cruiser Prado SUV; however, most likely, this new system could also make its way into the powertrain of the next-generation Toyota Fortuner. The company recently shared a video explaining the components and working, along with the benefits of this new 48V hybrid system.

The video of Toyota’s new 48V hybrid system has been shared on YouTube by the company on their official Toyota Global channel. It starts off by mentioning that this system comprises a conventional diesel engine and other components that make up this system. It mentions that this new system has three main benefits. The first is that it makes the stop-and-start much smoother; secondly, it enhances the fuel efficiency of diesel engine-powered vehicles. Lastly, it offers the same water-crossing performance with the added benefit of the hybrid system.

Following this, the video explains that this new system is comprised of three main components. The first component is a 48V motor/generator. This motor replaces the standard alternator that comes in conventional cars. The video then adds that the other two components are a 48V battery and a DC-DC converter. After this, the video compares this new system with Toyota’s outgoing THS II hybrid system. It adds that this system comprises two motor generators and a battery along with the engine. It adds that the new 48V system is a much smaller and more compact system that offers much better functionality and water-wading capacity.

Toyota launches new 48V hybrid system: 2024 Fortuner will get it

After this, the video explains the main highlights of this new 48V hybrid system. It states that the new system will help drivers in city drives where they encounter frequent traffic jams, where the cars are stopped and started multiple times. It states that the new belt-driven 48V generator produces much more torque and starts the engine much faster and without any vibrations. This leads to a better driving experience in congested cities where drivers have to stop frequently.

Next up, the video explains that this new system enables the car to offer much better fuel economy. It states that the car uses this system to generate torque, which in return helps the driver and the car put less strain on the engine, thus increasing the car’s overall fuel efficiency. The regenerative braking also enables the car to use engine braking and normal braking to recharge the 48V battery.

Toyota launches new 48V hybrid system: 2024 Fortuner will get it

The video lastly explains that this entire system has been reinforced to withstand water crossing. It adds that this waterproof system helps the car in water crossing with its enhanced performance. The video adds that the 48V motor is placed in a way where it does not come in contact with water. Additionally, it states the DC-DC converter and the 48V battery are both placed inside the cabin to enhance water-wading performance. Even with this hybrid system, the car will have a 700mm water-wading capacity, which is quite impressive.

Will it be coming to India with Fortuner?

Toyota launches new 48V hybrid system: 2024 Fortuner will get it

Now coming to the availability of this system, as mentioned, currently, it will be only offered in the Toyota Hilux pickup and the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado SUV, and that too only in international markets. However, many reports have hinted that the company will be offering this new system with the upcoming generation of the Toyota Fortuner Hybrid. This system could become very popular in India as the Toyota Fortuner is one of the most popular full-size SUVs in the country. The inclusion of this system will mean that the driving performance of the Fortuner will improve drastically, and with the increased fuel economy, it could become an even bigger hit than it already is in India.

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