Toyota Innova HyCross that wants to be a Lexus: Closer look on video

Toyota Kirloskar Motor India is known for selling the most popular premium MPV, the Innova, in India. The company recently launched the Innova Highcross, its first hybrid MPV in India. Following its launch, in just a few short weeks, it became extremely popular in India. Now, as more and more cars are getting delivered to customers, more of them are getting modified as well. Recently, a video of one of the first modified Toyota Innova Highcross with a Lexus-style body kit has been shared online.

The video of the Innova Highcross with an aftermarket Lexus-style body kit comes courtesy of Gaurav Singh on YouTube. According to the presenter of the video, this is the first Innova Highcross in India to be fitted with this particular body kit. Showing the main highlight of this conversion, the presenter first shows the all-new fully replaced front bumper. He adds that the complete bumper has been changed, which comes in this particular design.

Toyota Innova Highcross modifications: Front

From the video, we can note that although the presenter mentions that it is a Lexus-inspired style, it actually is a direct replica of the 2020 Toyota Alphard premium MPV, which we recognize as the Vellfire in India. The main highlight of this new bumper assembly is the massive black grille, which gets an extensive amount of chrome. The presenter adds that even with this replacement bumper, all of the parking sensors, camera, and towing hook placement have been kept intact.

He adds that this bumper is made of ABS plastic and not cheap fiberglass. For those unaware, ABS plastic is the same material used by OEM to manufacture front and rear bumpers. It is more rigid than cheap fiberglass material, which easily breaks. Lastly, the presenter adds that the bumper on the sides also gets dynamic swipe indicators, as well as project lights for the fog lamps. He adds that the light throw on these projectors is very powerful.

Other Innova Highcross modifications

Toyota Innova HyCross that wants to be a Lexus: Closer look on video

Moving on, he shows the other modifications done on this vehicle. After showing the front, he moves to the rear end of the vehicle. The shop at which this modification has been done has also added a custom rear bumper as well. It has also added a custom rectangular top for the exhaust pipe. Apart from this, on the interior, the MPV gets two 13.2-inch touchscreen rear infotainment screens and ambient lighting throughout as well.

Toyota Innova HyCross that wants to be a Lexus: Closer look on video

2023 Toyota Innova Highcross

In other Toyota Innova Highcross news, recently, with the announcement of Q3 results of 2023 for all car sales in India, it was reported that the Toyota Innova Highcross MPV has become the highest selling strong hybrid vehicle in India. It was reported that the company dispatched a total of 10,374 units of the Innova Highcross hybrid MPV in Q3 2023.

Toyota Innova HyCross that wants to be a Lexus: Closer look on video

It was added that with this sales volume, the Innova Highcross hybrid MPV managed to capture a total strong hybrid market share of 47 percent. On the other hand, based on the same model, the Maruti Suzuki Invicto managed to post a mere 1,735 units sales figure in the same quarter. The Invicto hybrid MPV managed to grab a market share of just 8 percent.

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