Toyota Innova Hycross Customised By DC2 Into A Luxurious Lounge [Video]

DC and DC2, as we know them now, are renowned for vehicle customizations in the country. There are several videos available online that show how they have customized the exterior and interior of cars. The exterior modifications by DC2 are often considered loud, and not everyone likes them. However, when it comes to interior customization, they are among the best. They are particularly known for Innova lounge conversions. Now, we have a new video where the cabin or interior of a Toyota Innova Hycross has been customized or converted into a luxury lounge.


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The video has been shared by DC2 on their Instagram page. The interior of this premium MPV has been completely transformed. The interior of this three-row MPV has been stripped down and rebuilt from scratch. All the panels on the doors and floor are brand new.

The car now features a beige and brown dual-tone theme. The second and third-row seats have been removed, and two 24-inch reclining, cushion-like seats have been installed in the cabin. As the third-row seat no longer exists, there is more space for the seats to be placed.

The flooring has been redone, as have the door and interior trims. The plastic panels on the doors are nothing like what we see in the factory version of the Hycross. The flooring of the SUV is wooden, and the cabin now looks extremely premium.

Regarding other details, the Innova Hycross now has premium leather upholstery on the seats. The seats come with multiple functions, including electrical adjustments and a massager function. There is a 7-liter chiller installed right behind the front driver’s armrest. The driver and co-driver seats have also been replaced or customized.

DC2 Innova Hycross

It now features an integrated tray table. The door panels and other parts of the cabin have wooden panel inserts, which add to the car’s premium look. The roof liner on this MPV has also been replaced with a custom-made unit. It comes with LED lights and ambient lights, which make the cabin look airy. The drapes on the windows can be dropped or pulled up electronically.

Another attraction in this Innova Hycross is the foldable 43-inch smart TV. The frame opens and closes electrically, making it convenient for the occupants. This also helps the driver, as the rear view is not blocked, and they can converse with the occupants without any issue.

On the doors, there are panels that can be pulled out and used as cup holders and wireless phone chargers. Usually, only the rear cabin of the cars is customized. However, in this case, the driver’s cabin of the MPV has also been customized. We see custom-made seats for the driver, along with roof-mounted cabin lights and blacked-out liners. The color theme of the cabin has been changed, matching what DC has done to the rest of the car.

It is definitely one of the most premium-looking Innova Hycross MPVs that we have seen to date. The exact cost of such customization differs as it is purely built on customer request.

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