Toyota Hilux rescues an oil tanker stuck for 4 days at 17,000 feet [Video]

Over the years, the Toyota Hilux has established itself as one of the most rugged and reliable vehicles ever designed for mankind. Informally known as ‘the indestructible,’ the Toyota Hilux was finally introduced in India in the facelifted form of the eighth-generation version, continuing its tales of performing in adverse conditions on Indian soil too. A prime example of this is a recent video that has been going viral on social media platforms, in which a Toyota Hilux is seen pulling an oil tanker on a snow-covered road.

In one of his recent Instagram reels, “DCVExpeditions” has shown how a Toyota Hilux managed to pull an oil tanker that was stuck for four days on the snow-covered Shinkula Pass, a high-altitude mountainous pass between Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh. One of the most challenging roads to drive in India, Shinkula Pass gets fully covered with snow during the winter, making it even more challenging to traverse.

In such adverse conditions, driving any vehicle can be challenging, as was faced by an oil tanker driving on the snow-covered Shinkula Pass. It got stuck due to a loss of traction and remained stranded for four days, waiting in the hope of getting rescued. Fortunately, a passing Toyota Hilux driver came to the rescue of the oil tanker.

The Instagram video by “DCVExpeditions” shows how the Toyota Hilux is pulling the oil tanker over the snow-covered Shinkula Pass with such effortlessness. Despite towing a significantly larger vehicle, almost three times its weight, the Toyota Hilux effortlessly pulls the oil tanker without losing traction or power. Eventually, the Hilux successfully manages to free the oil tanker.

Toyota Hilux

One of the most dependable pickup trucks sold worldwide, the Toyota Hilux is highly renowned for its immense reliability and durability. India officially received the Hilux for the first time in 2021 in its eighth-generation version, available in two variants – Standard and High. Both variants of the Toyota Hilux come with a 2.8-liter four-cylinder diesel engine, producing 204 PS of maximum power and 500 Nm of maximum torque. A 6-speed manual transmission and a four-wheel-drive system are standard in both variants, with the High variant also offering a 6-speed automatic transmission option.

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