Toyota Fortuner type 3 neatly modified into a Legender [Video]

The Toyota Fortuner has been present in the Indian market for over a decade, and the popularity of this SUV does not seem to wane at all. The Fortuner is without a doubt the undefeated king of this segment. Just like many Toyota products, the Fortuner has also become popular among buyers for its looks, reliability, and the low cost of maintenance. People who own the first-generation Fortuner are still using it without any major issues. Those who are bored with the SUV’s appearance often opt for complete customization packages. Here, we have one such Type 3 Fortuner that has been modified to look like the Legender.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. In this video, the owner of the garage talks about all the changes his team made to the car. This was a Type 3 Toyota Fortuner, the pre-facelift model that missed out on some features that the current version offers. The owner of this SUV wanted to completely change the car’s look, leading him to opt for the Legender body kit.

As part of the conversion, the front bumper, headlamps, grille, and rear bumper were all removed. The SUV looked pretty neat on the outside, with not many dents or scratches on the panels, making the job relatively easy. After removing the panels, minor corrections were made to the body panels using putty. Excess putty was then removed to achieve a clean look. Afterward, the SUV’s original paint was sanded off, and the car was taken to the paint booth. Meanwhile, the Legender body kit was already installed to check its perfect fit.

Fortuner modified to Legender

The car was then completely painted with a coat of primer. After this, the entire SUV was painted in black, and a clear coat was applied to achieve a glossy finish. The car owner also wanted to customize the interior of the SUV. The stock seat covers were replaced with custom-made leatherette upholstery in beige, giving the cabin an airy feel and making the Fortuner look extremely spacious. The door pads were all painted black, with black-colored padding as well. The stock infotainment screen was replaced with a larger aftermarket unit. The old steering wheel on this SUV was also swapped with a GR-Sport Fortuner unit. It looks the same as the usual Fortuner steering wheel with minor changes.

The newly painted bumpers and grille were all installed, and the Legender headlamps and tail lamps were also put in place. The whole car actually looked like a Legender. The only way one can identify that this is a Fortuner is by the wheels. The stock Fortuner wheels of the pre-facelift version have been retained by the owner. If he had upgraded those, then the look would have been complete. The work done on this SUV looks extremely good, resembling a brand new vehicle that has just rolled off the production line.

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