Toyota Fortuner Type 2 fully converted into Legender [Video]

The pricing of the new Toyota Fortuner Legender and GR Sport has touched the Rs. 60 lakh mark, but despite this, sales are not slowing down. However, there are still a ton of people who cannot justify this pricing and are taking an alternative route. What these people are doing is modifying their old Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 Fortuners into Legenders with the help of aftermarket kits. Recently, a video of one of the most well-created conversions of Fortuner Type 2 to Legender has been shared online. A lot of people will never be able to guess if it’s the same SUV or not.

The video of this immaculate conversion of Toyota Fortuner Type 2 into Legender has been shared on YouTube by Her Garage on their channel. The video starts off with the presenter standing next to a Toyota Fortuner. Now, anybody who does not know will never guess that it’s a Type 2 model underneath its skin. The presenter, after showing the vehicle, introduces the owner of the shop which has performed this exclusive conversion.

The process of Legender conversion

During her discussion with the owner of the shop, she first asks about all of the changes done to this Fortuner Type 2 to make it look like a Legender. To answer this, the shop owner mentions that at the front, they had to change the bonnet, tie member, headlight holding brackets, front grille, bumper, and fenders.

Next, she asks about the headlights, if they are original. To this, the owner of the shop replies that these are not genuine Toyota LED headlights. However, they are from Thailand and are of very high quality. He mentions that they offer a 1-year warranty on the headlights, taillights, and other parts. He also mentions that they have added the original Toyota bonnet and doors along with projector lights in place of standard LED fog lights.

Toyota Fortuner Type 2 fully converted into Legender [Video]

Changes on the side profile

After the front, the presenter and the owner of the shop move to the side profile of this conversion project. They mention that this is where the most amount of work has been done in order to make it look fully like a real Legender. In this particular car, the owner mentions that they have changed the doors, door card, rear quarter panel, and rear quarter glass to achieve this seamless look. For reference, she also shows a Type 1 Fortuner which was parked right next to the converted vehicle.

Toyota Fortuner Type 2 fully converted into Legender [Video]

The owner of the shop elaborates that the original car comes with much pronounced cladding. However, they had to completely change it out with the help of fabrication to make it look like the one in the Legender. Additionally, he mentions that their client has opted for the original Legender alloy wheels, foot steps, and roof rails so it becomes practically impossible to guess if this is a conversion job or a real Legender.

Rear end updates

Toyota Fortuner Type 2 fully converted into Legender [Video]

After this, the presenter shows the rear end of this Fortuner. The owner then explains that in the rear, they have changed the entire tailgate of this SUV. He mentions that the first-generation Fortuner came with the windshield wiper attached on the bonnet. However, the Legender gets the wiper on the rear window. So for this reason, they had to fully change the tailgate. He added that this also allowed for the perfect fitment of rear LED taillights as well. Overall, from the exterior, this conversion has been done very meticulously, and it will be very hard for untrained eyes to spot the difference between the real Legender and this one.

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