Toyota Fortuner type 1 converted into type 2 with an imported Lexus kit [Video]

The Toyota Fortuner, which was launched back in 2009, is still going strong, and it seems like its popularity won’t be decreasing anytime soon. Currently, the price of the new Fortuner has touched the Rs. 60 lakh mark, and people are still scooping it up from the dealerships. Now the new Fortuner in the market is very good; however, even today, the first-generation models are still on the roads because of their bulletproof reliability. So what a ton of people are now doing is, instead of spending huge sums of money on buying new ones, they are getting their old models converted into new ones. Recently, a video of one such transformation has been shared online.

This video of a Type 1 Toyota Fortuner converted into a Type 2 model with an imported Lexus Kit has been shared on YouTube by Autorounders on their channel. The shop, over the last few years, has transformed a ton of old Toyota Fortuners into new models. They offer a number of different body kits, including this Lexus kit, Legender, and other custom-made kits to change the appearance of old Fortuner models. In this video, the owner of the shop mentions that this particular Type 1 Fortuner has come to their shop all the way from Gujarat for this conversion.

Front-end changes

After giving a brief introduction about the project, the presenter directly shows the finished Fortuner Type 2 with the Lexus kit. He mentions that, in order to convert the Type 1 Fortuner into Type 2 and then the Lexus model, it takes the replacement of a lot of parts on the front. The owner of the shop mentions that the front headlights, bonnet, bumper, and fenders have all been replaced. He adds that these parts are changed to make the Type 1 Fortuner Type 2. However, to make it a Lexus model, the front grille is also changed. He added that the Lexus kit comes with a custom front grille and two different LED DRLs as well.

Side profile and rear changes

Toyota Fortuner type 1 converted into type 2 with an imported Lexus kit [Video]

Following the front-end conversion, the presenter then shows the side profile of the SUV. He mentions that the side profile largely remains the same as the first-generation model, except that the additional plastic trims on the doors are removed. He adds that in this particular conversion project, the owner decided to go with the same old alloy wheels. However, they have painted them in high-gloss black and have also painted the brake calipers in a bright and sporty red color.

Toyota Fortuner type 1 converted into type 2 with an imported Lexus kit [Video]

Moving on to the rear section of this Lexus kit conversion from Type 1 to Type 2 model, the presenter lists off all the changes. He mentions that they have fully replaced the old bumper with the one that comes with the new Lexus kit. The new bumper offers a much sportier-looking design with a pronounced rear diffuser and two fake exhaust tips. The owner of the shop also added that they have changed the rear taillights with all-LED taillights inspired by the Land Cruiser LC300 SUV. Apart from these, they have also added a spoiler as well. He lastly adds that they have fully repainted the car as well.

Interior changes

Toyota Fortuner type 1 converted into type 2 with an imported Lexus kit [Video]

After showing the complete exterior transformation, the presenter shows the fully customized interior as well. He mentioned that they have completely reupholstered the interior with a cream and brown color leather-like material. He added that all the seat covers have been custom-made with brown piping and fit extremely well. He added that they have also added ambient lighting, scuff plates, a touchscreen music system, and a brand-new Type 3 Toyota Fortuner steering wheel with brown carbon fiber on top.

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