Toyota Fortuner crashes into Royal Enfield Bullet: Here’s the result [video]

Driving on Indian roads is challenging, and we have discussed this topic in both spoken and written form on numerous occasions. There are several factors one must keep in mind while driving on our roads, and the risk factor increases significantly after dark. Unfortunately, many parts of the country lack properly lit highways or roads, leading to people resorting to high beams at night. However, this practice blinds oncoming traffic and often results in accidents. A recent incident in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, involved a Toyota Fortuner colliding with a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle.

The video of the accident was uploaded by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel, shared with him by one of his subscribers. The collision occurred at an intersection on the Ring Road in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The video reveals that a tree near the intersection obstructed the view of vehicles coming from the highway. Consequently, the motorcycle rider entered the intersection without properly observing oncoming traffic, giving the Toyota Fortuner driver very little time to react. The video does not mention whether the Fortuner was overspeeding or the Royal Enfield rider was riding rashly.

As a result, the SUV crashed into the bike, causing the driver to lose control, leading to the SUV toppling on its side. The Royal Enfield motorcycle was severely damaged, even breaking into two pieces. The front-end of the Fortuner also suffered significant damage, while the side on which the car landed had several scratches and dents. Fortunately, the video mentions that all passengers inside the Fortuner and the person riding the bike were safe. The Toyota Fortuner did not topple after crashing into the bike. The driver might have lost control over the vehicle after the crash and would have toppled on the road.

Fortuner crashes into Bullet

This outcome was likely due to the Fortuner’s airbags deploying and the bike rider wearing a proper helmet. It serves as a powerful example of how crucial safety gear, such as a helmet, is when riding a bike. Furthermore, the Fortuner passengers’ safety can be attributed to their use of seat belts. We have come across several instances in the past where passengers have walked away from major accident with minor injuries only because they were wearing seat belts and the airbags deployed on time.

The video serves as another reminder of the dangers present on Indian roads. According to the video, the accident was caused by the presence of a tree on the road. Both the biker and the Toyota Fortuner driver should have exercised greater caution. We’ve seen several accident videos in the past where careless driving by the drivers resulted in major accidents. When driving at night, one must always be vigilant of their surroundings. In the unfortunate event of being involved in an accident like this, the first priority should be to take the injured person to a nearby hospital or call for an ambulance. Subsequently, inform the local police about the incident. Leaving the accident scene without reporting it can lead to serious consequences. Additionally, maintaining a safe speed while driving at night is crucial in avoiding such accidents.

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