Toyota Etios topples while avoiding collision with careless pedestrian crossing the road [Video]

We have world-class highways and expressways being built in many parts of the country. On many of these highways, the authorities have restricted the movement of slow vehicles for safety reasons. Many of these roads also restrict pedestrian movement for the same reason. However, we still see people attempting to cross highways and expressways in a dangerous manner. Such behavior often causes accidents too. Here, we have a video where a Toyota Etios sedan driver loses control and crashes the car after a careless pedestrian trying to cross the road comes in front of the vehicle.

The video has been uploaded by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger shows not just one, but two incidents from different parts of the country. In the first one, we see a person crossing the road without looking at the oncoming traffic. The car driver did honk the horn, but the pedestrian was ignoring everything around him. He turned around at the last moment and narrowly escaped being hit by the car. The next incident in the video has been reported from the Bhavnagar-Somnath highway.

The accident happened recently. On the highway, we can see traffic moving as usual. The accident was recorded on a CCTV camera that was installed on the roadside. In this video, we can see a Toyota Etios coming in the direction where the camera is placed. The car was in the overtaking lane, which means it was maintaining a speed of over 80 kmph. We can see there is a slope and a curve. The car was coming in at high speed, and a motorcycle can be seen in the adjacent lane too.

Man crossing road causes crash

As the car clears the curve, a pedestrian suddenly starts walking in. The pedestrian completely ignored the incoming traffic. It is actually not clear whether the pedestrian saw the car coming or not. Whatever the situation may be, the pedestrian keeps on walking with an aim to cross the road. The Toyota Etios sedan coming in at high speed was surprised to see a person in the middle of the road. He didn’t have enough time or space to slow down. The driver swerved the car away from the pedestrian to save him.

In this attempt, the car hit the median, and the driver lost control. The person can be seen continuing to cross the road even after this incident. The Etios hit the median and, in order to save the car, the driver turned it in the opposite direction. The sedan skidded through the road and crashed into the metal railing on the opposite side of the road. The car actually landed on its roof after crashing into the metal railings. The roof, doors, and front end of the car are completely damaged. The pillars also have minor damages, but the occupants in the car luckily escaped without any major injuries. This video is a perfect example that shows how risky Indian roads are and how jaywalkers pose a threat to motorists. People driving on Indian roads should be extremely careful about reckless drivers, jaywalkers, and stray animals on the road.

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