Toyota Corolla flies into second floor of the house: Police say it’s intentional

In movies, we have witnessed cars and bikes going airborne, crashing into other vehicles, or even landing inside houses. Well, it turns out that these dramatic scenes can actually occur in real life as well. Recently, a similar incident took place in the state of Pennsylvania, United States. A person driving a Toyota Corolla sedan managed to crash the car into the second floor of a house. Firefighters and police officers who arrived at the scene were astonished by the sight. Currently, there is limited clarity on how this incident unfolded; however, the police are stating that it was an intentional act.

The occurrence took place last Sunday in Lewistown, Pennsylvania. A grey-colored Toyota Corolla sedan was observed protruding from the second floor of a house. Fortunately, one of the individuals who owns the property was on the ground floor and managed to escape without sustaining any injuries. The car was being operated by a 20-year-old named Evan Miller. The Pennsylvania State Police determined that the crash was not an accident but rather a deliberate act.

Miller, who sustained injuries in the crash, was transported to Geisinger Lewistown Hospital. Sam Baumgardner, the administrator of the Junction Fire Company, informed The Washington Post that the fire company believes the Toyota Corolla driver had struck a culvert or a tunnel carrying a stream adjacent to the house. The impact with the culvert might have caused the car to go airborne. The front of the car sustained significant damage, and the sedan was eventually removed using a tow truck.

At present, the police have not disclosed further details regarding the crash. It is reported that Evan Miller is acquainted with the family residing in the house where he crashed his Corolla. The precise reason behind this crash is yet to be unveiled. The car clearly collided with the second floor, creating a substantial hole. The roof of the house also appears to be damaged and distorted. Remarkably, the car bypassed all the vehicles in the driveway and landed directly on the second floor.

Corolla crashed into 2nd floor of a house

According to the report, pending charges against Miller include aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person, and criminal mischief. If Evan is convicted of aggravated assault, he could face imprisonment for a term of 5 to 20 years, as per Pennsylvania’s attorneys. This incident is indeed an unusual case where a car landed on the second floor of a house. However, similar incidents have occurred in Pennsylvania before. In 2018, a speeding car that hit a median on the road went airborne and crashed into the second floor of a dental office. Additionally, in Northern California, another speeding car flew into the second floor of a house, resulting in injury to the driver.

This case serves as an example that reckless driving is not confined to a specific country. Individuals like this can be found in nearly every part of the world. Even a developed country like the USA faces such issues. By driving irresponsibly on the road, a driver jeopardizes not only their own life but also the lives of other people and road users. Currently, it remains uncertain whether this incident was truly an accident or an intentional act.

Via: The Washington Post

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