Timothée Chalamet Is All Aboard the Socks-And-Sandals Train

What’s that in the distance? Is it…some kind of locomotive? A train is coming down the line, and dangling out of each window is a set of sandal-shod feet. Look closer—each foot, encased in a sock and then an open-toed shoe. Peering inside, the shoes’ owners have familiar faces: David Beckham…Tyler, the Creator…even Justin Bieber. But who’s that spritely, socks-and-sandals-wearing newcomer hopping aboard?

Why, it’s Timothée Chalamet.

Unsurprisingly, the socks-and-sandals train let Timmy off at a Starbucks in Bel Air, where the actor was spotted this week grabbing a hot coffee while wearing a relatively subdued, seasonally ambiguous outfit: a plain black T-shirt, knee-length Supreme cargo shorts, and scrunched-down Adidas crew socks crammed into a pair of Prada black leather fisherman sandals. On the accessories front, Chalamet donned a set of tortoiseshell L.G.R. sunglasses and a little lapis-and-coral beaded necklace, the latter of which looks like it could either be made of semi-precious stones or was purchased at a Daytona Beach surf shack.

And here’s Timothée Chalamet back in July, wearing another all-black transitional ensemble (including a pair of Supreme cargo shorts) for a stroll in New York City.

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Timmy’s monochromatic ensemble, similar to another Supreme-cargos-centric outfit he wore in New York City over the summer, is a prime example of transitional dressing for this shoulder season (especially for sunny Los Angeles). Here we have the fisherman sandal—this past summer’s hottest shoe—retrofitted for fall with a pair of sporty socks. Alternatively, the socks put Timmy in the clear regarding a common “ick” recently brought to the fore by Emily Ratajkowski: exposed male ankles. Many say socks and sandals are a polarizing combination, but that’s a pretty binary way of thinking. If you expand your mind, and heed Timothée’s call, comfy hosiery paired with breezy footwear is perfect for the in-betweens.

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