Timothée Chalamet and Martin Scorsese Swap Notes on New York, ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’, and Moviemaking Today

Stars: They’re just like us. Though he’s already worked with a fair share of auteurs and crossed paths with legends, young Timothée Chalamet took no chances when summoned to converse with the Martin Scorsese—he came prepared with notecards and topic ideas.

Scorsese kicks things off in classic Marty fashion by relating the duo’s new Chanel featurette to a Fellini deep cut, and from there we’re off to the races with a conversation that spans the state of cinema today while also plumbing Scorsese’s rich history as a filmmaker and New Yorker who’s weathered decades in an ever-changing industry and an ever-changing city. (Back in the day, Scorsese says, the SoHo street where he and Chalamet shot their Chanel film “was where you went to steal hubcaps…now it’s like Provincetown [or] Connecticut.”)

Timothée does what anyone in his position would do opposite the GOAT and soaks up the stories. Scorsese talks about critics initially resisting Goodfellas and Wolf of Wall Street for their perceived lack of morality, reveals how Raging Bull lifted him out of a “pretty rough period” in the mid-to-late ’70s, and gives an account of crossing paths with De Niro on the Lower East Side years, before they met again as actor and filmmaker, when De Niro was a local character Scorsese knew simply as Bobby from Kenmare Street. Be sure to stay to the end—only Martin Scorsese could get Timothée Chalamet to willingly volunteer a story about the time he got absolutely rocked in the face.

Now that we know they have a rapport, can we get Timmy in the next Scorsese opus? Watch the full conversation below.

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