Timex and Seconde/Seconde Just Dropped the Cheekiest Affordable Watches of the Year

A lot of people work in the watch industry, from makers to sellers to, ahem, the folks who write about the newest, latest, and coolest watches to buy. Romaric André, however, the French artist who goes by Seconde/Seconde/, might be the only guy on the planet whose work is entirely devoted to making jokes about them.

André, a.k.a. the watch world’s biggest prankster, specializes in punnily altering the seconds hands of vintage watches like this one, which adds a pizza cutter to a collectible Domino’s Rolex Air King, or this one in honor of Lebron James’ all-time scoring record. After lending his cheeky sensibility to fancy Swiss brands like Louis Erard and H. Moser & Cie, André’s latest collab, a four-part tie-up with Timex, is perhaps his most fun to date, and certainly the most affordable.

Timex x Seconde/Seconde/ kicked off last week with episodes #1 and #2, a pair of limited-edition homages to the colorful bezels on the 1970s-inspired Q Timex and Timex M79 Automatic. In honor of the Q’s blue and red bezel, which lent it the nickname “Pepsi” among collectors, André added a red bendy straw in place of the seconds hand. (Get it?) The M79, meanwhile, whose bezel earned it the handle “Batman” for its resemblance to the caped crusader’s original uniform, got a SLAP seconds hand in a nod to the delightfully corny fight scenes of Adam West-era Batman.

Timex x seconde/seconde

Episode #3 38mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

Timex x seconde/seconde

Episode #4 40mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

Like everything that gets the André treatment, the first two episodes of the Timex x Seconde/Seconde/ collab sold out in short order, but anyone who missed the initial release (or is looking to catch them all, Pokémon style) has a shot at catching episodes #3 and #4 right this second. As with the first pair, episode #3 is a Q Timex with a green dial and matching bezel, a color combo nicknamed “Hulk” by collectors, and (in a nod to the rage-a-holic Marvel character) outfitted with a big green fist in place of the seconds hand.

The second pairs the classic red and black “Coke” bezel of the M79 Automatic with a cheeseburger seconds hand, which makes as tasty a combo on your wrist as it does at the In-N-Out drive-thru. Available in a limited run of just 500 pieces each and priced at $199 and $299 respectively, these are bound to sell out fast. Fortunately for fans of watch-based humor, André doesn’t seem to be running out of material any time soon.

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