Tight Jeans On Long Road Trips Can Lead To Deep Vein Thrombosis, A Life-Threatening Condition

Going on a long road trip is a thrilling experience for everyone, as it is filled with anticipation and adventure. Now, most of us who are about to go on a road trip generally prepare with enough snacks, the perfect playlist, and other essential items. However, there is one aspect of long road trips that is often overlooked, and that is our choice of clothing. Do you know that wearing tight jeans on long trips can cause some serious health problems? Well, if you don’t believe us, here is a case that was reported where a businessman suffered a life-threatening condition because of this seemingly small issue.

Do not wear tight jeans on a road trip

This serious problem happened with Saurabh Sharma, a 30-year-old businessman who went out on a road trip from Delhi to Rishikesh in his luxury car. What happened was when Saurabh was returning from his trip, he developed a clot in the vein of his leg. This then triggered a series of events that would result in a near-death experience. It was reported that this clot migrating through his bloodstream caused a pulmonary embolism, blocking an artery in his lungs and compromising blood flow.

As per the doctors, the vital organs such as the heart and brain of Saurabh were affected. This resulted in him experiencing difficulty breathing before losing consciousness. Soon after this, Saurabh was rushed to the hospital, and it was reported that this condition was critical, with a significant drop in blood pressure and pulse rate. Initially suspected as a cardiac arrest, doctors administered CPR for a staggering 45 minutes before successfully reviving him. It was then found during an extensive investigation that the main cause of the deep vein thrombosis (DVT) suffered by Saurabh happened because of his tight denim jeans that he wore during the road trip.

What did the experts say?

Tight jeans victim

Dr. Naveen Bhamri, Director & HoD, Cardiology at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, explained the intricate details of Saurabh’s case. The doctor revealed that prolonged low blood pressure had affected Saurabh’s kidneys, necessitating 24-hour dialysis therapy. Dr. Naveen revealed that the tight-fitting denim worn during the trip was identified as a key contributor to the blood clot in his leg.

Detailed analysis of the problem

When the experts dug deeper into the problem suffered by Saurabh, it was revealed that he was driving an automatic car during the journey. It was then stated that as there was no clutch pedal in the vehicle, his left leg remained stationary for extended periods, and this, coupled with the constrictive nature of tight jeans, led to the formation of a blood clot. Hence, the conclusion that wearing tight jeans during long trips can cause near-death issues. Additionally, the experts also highlighted the importance of taking breaks every couple of hundred kilometers, staying hydrated, and opting for loose, comfortable clothing during road trips.

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