Three things to consider when building a brand

Building a compelling brand goes beyond just identifying your target audience; it’s a deep dive into your own talents, energy, and core beliefs.

You need to hone in on what truly excites you in your profession, making your brand an authentic extension of yourself.

In this YouTube video, marketing consultant, author and podcast producer Josh Spector sits down with creative director, messaging strategist and positioning coach Hillary Weiss to reveal the truths that will set your brand apart and make it stand out in the real estate crowd.

  • Identify your specific talent: Go beyond your job title or skillset to discover what truly excites you about your work. This could range from enjoying the end results to thriving in the creative process. Your brand should reflect these natural inclinations so that it feels authentic and not like a persona you have to put on.
  • Assess your energy: Think critically about the kind of energy or atmosphere you want your brand to exude. This could be energetic and outspoken, or calm and luxurious, depending on what aligns with your personal energy. Your chosen vibe will influence how you’re perceived and who is drawn to your brand.
  • Establish your core truth: Identify the fundamental values, messages, or ideas that you want your brand to stand for. Rather than just reacting to trends or mimicking competitors, focus on what is genuinely important to you. This foundational truth will help set your brand apart in your industry and attract like-minded customers.

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