Three reckless, allegedly drunk girls seen sitting on roof of a moving Hyundai Creta [Video]

Despite pointing out a million times before, it seems like this reckless behavior of young people will not be stopping anytime soon. This statement comes as just recently another video showing the deeds of three drunk girls on top of a moving Hyundai Creta compact SUV has been shared online. In the video, these girls were seen laughing and creating nuisance on top of the roof of this SUV, sparking a huge debate on the internet.

The entire incident

The video of this wild incident from the state of Assam’s Guwahati has been shared on X (formerly Twitter) by journalist Nandan Pratim. The video, which has since gone viral, shows a black colored Hyundai Creta compact SUV making a U-turn on a busy Guwahati road. It can be then seen that three young girls who seemed to be under the influence of alcohol were sitting on top of the roof of this SUV. The girls must have climbed out of the panoramic sunroof of the Creta and sat on the roof without any protection.

The video then shows the car maneuvering down the main road. And during this entire time, the trio of young women were sitting and standing on top of the roof of this Creta. The video also shows that these young girls were extremely carefree about this whole situation and were seen laughing and waving to the baffled onlookers on the road. Towards the end of the video, the Hyundai Creta was also seen overtaking other vehicles and even heading up an overbridge.

Report and investigation on this matter

Presently, it seems like nobody has reported this incident to the Guwahati traffic police. At the moment, there is no information if the police has started an investigation on this matter or not. However, most likely than not, the owner of this Hyundai Creta and the three young girls will be soon caught with the help of the registration plate. Once caught, these girls and the driver will be levied with a hefty fine for performing such reckless and mindless acts on public roads.

Why is this dangerous?

As mentioned on numerous occasions before, performing such stunts on top of the roof of a moving vehicle can prove to be extremely dangerous. However, despite all of the warnings, it seems like these people do not care about the consequences and continue to do such stunts. If you are one of those individuals who do not see any harm in this, then below are a few reasons to think otherwise.

Three reckless, allegedly drunk girls seen sitting on roof of a moving Hyundai Creta [Video]

The first reason is that sunroofs are not designed to bear the weight of passengers or protect them during a collision. Unlike the interior of the car, there are no safety belts, airbags, or any form of restraint on the roof. Secondly, sitting on the roof of a moving vehicle poses a significant risk of falling off. In case of sudden braking or a collision, individuals on the roof are likely to be thrown off, causing severe injuries and can also cause fatalities.

Additionally, having people on the roof can divert the driver’s attention, and this very much increases the likelihood of accidents. Lastly, we cannot forget the legal consequences of doing such stunts on public roads. Such acts can lead to criminal charges and legal penalties, which are not lenient. Sometimes fines in incidents like these can climb up to lakhs of Rupees and can even cause the seizing of the vehicle.

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