This Stray Dog From Goa Hitch Hikes On Tourists’ Bikes [Video]

The relationship between dogs and humans is seen as one of the most pure relations, and these creatures have proved their loyalty a million times. Now, sometimes it is also not necessary for a person to know a dog for a very long time before the dog starts trusting him. And recently, a prime example of this was showcased online. In this short video, a person visiting Goa shows how a dog came and sat on his friend’s scooter and hitchhiked his way through Goa before jumping on to another vehicle and continuing the same journey.


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Dog hitchhiked on a scooter

This heartwarming unique video has been shared on Instagram by Anny Arun on their page. The person recording the video shows a street dog sitting on his friend’s scooter, and he then explains how he came and sat there. The post was shared with the caption stating, “So we picked (more like he hitchhiked) him from hilltop to Noronhas, he patiently waited until we finished food, sat on the bike again and came till Mango tree.” Arun added, “Again hitchhiked on someone’s superbike sitting on the tank, returned and again sat on someone else’s activa and went for a jolly ride. I like to think he is a true wanderlust and loves traveling around the night exploring Goa.”

Meanwhile, in the video, the cameraman states that this dog just came out of nowhere, sat, and its expression stated that he wanted the person riding the scooter to ride. He also states that the person riding the scooter is not from Goa and does not know this dog but it still sat on the scooter. The scooter in the video mentions that he is scared of dogs but still loves them, and towards the end, he jokingly asks the dog for its name. All of the people around them were seen being mesmerized by this unique dog who seemed to be very comfortable riding with strangers.

Netizens’ reaction to this dog

This particular video so far has garnered over 1 lakh likes on Instagram and over 700 comments. Most of the netizens were seen appreciating the dog and the person riding the scooter, and a lot of them suggested the scooter rider to adopt this four-pawed animal. One of the netizens also shared a funny comment that read, “Man: What’s your name? Dog: Bow Bow”. Meanwhile, a few others wrote that the dog has adopted his owner who is the one riding the scooter.

What happened to the dog afterwards?

The person who was riding the scooter is Robin Abraham, who is a photographer. After the video went viral on the internet, he shared his side of the story on the post. He stated, “For the ones who have been asking about what happened with the dog later and asking me to adopt it (more like he adopted me). I’m scared of dogs… actually animals in general! The dog is back in its neighborhood… it kept hitchhiking on one motorcycle to another, moving to places and coming back.”

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