This Season, Retro Silhouettes Make a Big Splash

— Aselia Toktorova wears a Dolce & Gabbana coatdress and bra.

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Hair by Eugene Souleiman at Streeters; makeup by Miranda Joyce for RMS at Streeters; manicures by Michelle Class for Dior at LMC Worldwide. Models: Aselia Toktorova at Storm Model Management; Lian Jia at Milk Management; Kim Seung Ri at Kult London; BingBing Liu at IMG Models. Casting by Anita Bitton at Establishment New York. Set design by Ibby Njoya at New School.

Produced by Ragi Dholakia Productions; Executive Producer: Ragi Dholakia; Producer: Claire Huish; Production Manager: Jenny Day; Fashion Assistants: Julia Veitch, Antoni Jankowski, Bea Bosley; Production Assistants: Szilard Orban, Libby Adams, Nicole Leblanc; Hair Assistants: Carlo Avena, Mee Kyung Porter, Lachlan Mackie; Makeup Assistants: Faye Bluff, Hannah Maestranzi; Manicure Assistant: Tejinder Dhillon; Set Assistant: Sam Edyn; Tailor: Alison Bullock.

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