This Publicist’s Midcentury-Modern Living Room Is a Total Vibe

Location: Monrovia, California

Square Footage: The house is about 1,450 square feet, the living room is 300 square feet

How would you describe your aesthetic?

My fiancé, Christian, and I are both old souls, so we gravitate toward pieces that have a story and history, whether it’s vintage pieces that he has found, or we found together, or having pieces from my grandparents. They had really great modernist taste that’s similar to our own, so it’s been fun to add in their pieces.

The textile wall art by Tate behind Cory and Christian is an uncommon piece and adds texture to the space.

Photo: Poiema Lee

What are some of your favorite pieces in the room?

The rosewood and chrome coffee table designed by Milo Baughman is a favorite focal point in the room. Also, our main art piece in the space is this abstract painting that we found together. It was our first painting we got as a couple in Santa Barbara at an antique mall, and we fell in love with it, so that’s definitely a major favorite piece in the room. Aside from that, the ceramic bust that belonged to my grandparents was something that they had in their home in Cape Cod where we would go every summer. It was a piece that my sister had and then gave to me because she knew it meant a lot to me. They had it made by a local ceramicist in Cape Cod in the ’70s. Having heirlooms throughout the home is a lovely way to bless the space and give it a personal touch.

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