This Motorcycle In Bengaluru Has Pending Traffic Fines Of Rs 1,24,500: More Than The Value Of The Bike

India is a place where people are not necessarily the most ideal rule followers. One of the reasons behind this is that the authorities are not stringent enough. Over the last few months, we have seen numerous vehicles with huge amounts of fines levied on them, and recently, another such case has come forward. In the recently shared picture, it was noted that a motorcycle rider from Bengaluru has pending fines that add up to Rs 1,24,500.

This picture of the motorcycle with such a huge amount of fine has been shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Abhishek Mishra in a comment section. The post had a picture of a motorcycle with a man sitting on it without a helmet. In addition, there was a picture with the registration number of the motorcycle entered on a Karnataka state RTO website. The website showed that this particular bike over the last few years has accumulated fines worth Rs 1,24,500.

Netizens’ reaction to this

It was noted that the bike owner had managed to accumulate so many fines as he was not wearing a helmet on many occasions, and he also broke a few more traffic rules. Taking note of this, a number of netizens shared their thoughts on the negligence of police authorities for not catching this individual and his motorcycle. One of the commenters stated, “State of traffic, our law enforcement. Nobody cares for fines. People who can pay will pay and get off. Others just ignore.” Meanwhile, another person wrote, “How inefficient is the fine collection system? That it doesn’t flag unpaid fines beyond 30 days?”

Not the first case in the country

This particular case where the total amount of fines exceeds the value of the motorcycle is not the only case that we have seen. Just a few weeks ago, in December of last year, it was noted that a scooter owner in Bengaluru, Karnataka, was caught after it was found that his scooter had an outstanding fine amount of a whopping Rs 3.25 lakh. It was reported that this particular TVS Scooty Pep+ had a total of 634 traffic violations which contributed to the extremely high fine amount.

Scooty pep with Rs 3.25 lakh challan

It was also reported that the police authorities were on the lookout for this scooter and its owner for a while. After months of tracking down, the scooter owner was finally caught, and his scooter was seized by the traffic police department. The owner of the scooter then went to the police station and requested them to release the scooter as he would not be able to pay such a massive fine. However, the police authorities denied his requests and said that the scooter would be released only after the fine amount is paid. The police also issued a notice to the owner as well.

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