This Maruti Jimny gets a host of performance and visual modifications (Video): Lifted, tuned, custom wheels and tyres

The Maruti Suzuki Jimny has quickly become one of the most popular lifestyle off-roaders in the country. The model has gained a ton of popularity among off-road enthusiasts. The Jimny from the factory is already very capable. However, for enthusiasts, things are never enough, so for this reason, a ton of people have started modifying their Jimnys. And most recently, a video of one of the wildest modified Jimnys in the country made its way online. This particular car has been given a 2.5-inch lift, a custom exhaust, an ECM tune, custom wheels and tyres, and much more.

The video of this highly modified Maruti Suzuki Jimny has been shared on YouTube by DGS13 on their channel. It starts off with the presenter mentioning that the first thing they have changed on their Jimny is the front grille. He stated that the chrome-slotted grille from the company did not look that good, so they have replaced it with an aftermarket classic grille. The price of this grille, as stated in the video, was around Rs 7,000. Next, he adds that four amber lights, which were purchased from Amazon, were also added. The cost of these lights was Rs 789.

The presenter then shows the two massive light bars that have been added to the Jimny. One light bar has been added on the top of the grille, and the other has been added to the front bumper. He mentions that both of them in total cost Rs 12,000. He adds that these light bars become extremely helpful during off-roading in the jungle during the night. Next up, he shows the massive off-road-specific alloy wheels and tires. He mentions that these 15-inch bead lock-style JTI alloy wheels cost him around Rs 50,000. Next up, he also adds that the 31-inch Ginell mud terrain tires cost him another Rs 75,000.

Following the wheels and tires, the presenter mentions that they also added the window rain visors from the company, which cost them Rs 2,000. Next up, he shows the custom side-exit exhaust that they made. He added that this exhaust system is an additional Rs 50,000. After this, the presenter shows the rear end of the Jimny. He adds that it gets a Brabus Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG-styled roof spoiler. The cost of this was Rs 9,000. Another modification pointed out by the presenter in the rear was the aftermarket LED taillights which cost Rs 10,000.

This Maruti Jimny gets a host of performance and visual modifications (Video): Lifted, tuned, custom wheels and tyres

Moving on to the mechanical side of things, the presenter shows the lifted suspension of the Jimny. He adds that they have shelled out another Rs 60,000 for the Dr. Nano 2.5-inch lift kit. He then adds that another small modification is the shadow light which they have added for Rs 1,000. Next up, he opens the bonnet of the car and shows the Rs 5,000 K&N air filter along with the Rs 26,000 ECM tune. He then added that they are also contemplating doing a turbo kit upgrade to this SUV. The cost of this one single mod is around Rs 5.5 lakh.

This Maruti Jimny gets a host of performance and visual modifications (Video): Lifted, tuned, custom wheels and tyres

After the exterior, the presenter shows the interior of the car and mentions that as of yet they have not commenced the interior modifications. He added that soon they will be transforming the interior of this SUV like the exterior as well. Coming back to the exterior, she shows the wheel well and mentions that they had to trim the bumper and rear mudguard to help the wheel turn without rubbing on them. He then shows the car’s LED lights bars performance in the nighttime. He also shows the shadow lights and revs the car for the sound of the custom exhaust. The total cost of modifications on this car at the moment stands at around Rs 2,56,789.

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