This 970-Square-Foot Madrid Apartment Offers a Surprising Take on Spanish Style

It is, however, the tiles and not the wooden floors that define the character of this apartment where color rules. The tiled areas create a play of volumes and planes that guided the rest of the design. “The kitchen wall is broken by niches in burgundy, while on the living room side, the wall also has niches in the same color. The bedroom’s headboard consists of navy-blue tiles which are also found in the en suite bathroom,” explains Paula.

“The emphasis on color is found throughout the rest of the apartment as with the yellow hallway that leads to a light-filled aqua-green bathroom. The light in the hallway is filtered through amber glass windows, which blur the hours of the day,” Paula adds. This frosted glass also adds a very typically Spanish touch.

The bathroom includes navy blue, white, and burgundy elements.


“The kitchen is a perfect combination of materials: the burgundy tiles match the natural stone of the same color, and an island made of Rosso Lepanto marble, from Granitos Belmar, presides over the central space, with oak cabinet fronts from CUBRO. The icing on the cake are the cement tiles, which are in the same color as those used in the niches, carpeting the floor with color,” Paula says.

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