This 350-Square-Foot Apartment Takes Cues From Midcentury Hotel Rooms

The sleeping area is separated from the living area by a wall unit designed by architect Dawid Konieczny, who also designed the bed, made in dark oak, and the large storage units in the entrance hall. The wall lamps are vintage.

ONI Studio

Majestic wood is the main decorative feature of this studio, which was designed as a tribute to the 1960s and 1970s. The kitchen is in two parts, with its storage units concealed in large wooden panels while a Palomino quartzite worktop sits atop a caramel-colored cabinet with rounded corners, creating an elegant, sophisticated flow. The space is open to the dining room, which features a table designed by Dawid, ’70s Casala chairs, and a suspension lamp, also from the ’70s, by Danish designer Lyskaer Belysning. “It was another challenge to find all the vintage pieces at flea markets. It takes time and a lot of patience. Sometimes you leave with nothing, and other times with a lamp that you’ve literally had to beg for,” Dawid says with a laugh. In any case, he has created a modern studio, a subtle combination of elegant and chic touches thanks to the use of quality materials. The warm colors of rich oak, lighter parquet, and quartzite; the retro softness of the bathroom tiles; the tones of the fabrics; and the selection of vintage furniture give this small flat a timeless character that is sure to outlast every passing trend.

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